Top Reasons Why Pets Are Great For Every Family

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Can we have a pet? Can we have a pet? Can we have a pet?” If this sounds familiar to you, then you know how much your kids want a furry little friend in the household. If you haven’t caved in yet, don’t feel guilty. It is completely natural to have concerns about bringing a pet into a home with kids. However, there are many ways your kids can benefit from owning a pet.

Every family will be better off with a fur baby in their lives, and we’re here to explain why. 

  1. Responsibility:

This is the most commonly known benefit of having a pet, but we’ll illustrate it for you anyway. Owning a pet is a great way to teach your kids a little bit about responsibility. By having them help out with the feeding, cleaning and general wellbeing of your pet, your kids will learn about some important values that they will need in life. If you encourage them to do some chores, your kids will be more kind, helpful and assertive. They may even offer to help out without even asking! The best thing is that they will most definitely be rewarded for it. Your pet will be well taken care of, which will allow them to live a long and happy life!

  1. Physical Health:

It is no secret that kids are more likely to be fit if they own a pooch. There are many studies showing that children with pets exercise more than those who don’t. Simply having them play with your dog at your local park will get your kids more excited about getting in some regular exercise. But did you know that owning a pet could also increase your children’s immunity to illnesses? Studies have shown that kids who are exposed to pets in their early years have less ear infections and respiratory illnesses than those who don’t. It’s almost as if your pet is your children’s guardian angel!

  1. Social Skills:

You know those moments when your kids see an animal on the street and they immediately run up and give them a pat? Well, this can actually prove to be worthwhile! When your child plays with a pet, whether it’s their own or with one they come across, they learn how to approach them without fear and with ease. This can be transferred to developing social skills, which can make it easier for your kids to make new friends! Pets can also help with interacting with friends. Kids are more likely to be compassionate and nurturing when they have a pet, which can help them with engaging with friends if they’re shy or socially awkward.

  1. Mental Health:

You know how much your child’s face lights up whenever they see a pet, but the benefits are so much deeper than that. Kids who own a pet have higher self-esteem than those who don’t. Your pet will love your child unconditionally. This will allow your child to be who they are without any judgement, and they can express their true feelings and not bottle them up. This can go a long way, with your kids being more likely to develop academic, physical and social skills without fear of being ridiculed. No matter what, your pet will always be there for your child when they’re feeling blue, or if they just need someone to talk to.

A pet is the friend your child will always cherish. You can live your life easily knowing your child is healthier and happier because of their new best friend!

Our friend Lenny agrees,

I think pets are great for every family as they can help to bring a smile to your face, especially after a hard day. I can always tell when mum or dad have had a bad day however they are able to come home and I am always able to make them smile by giving them lots of hugs and kisses!

How has your pet benefited your child? Comment below and let us know!

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