Top 5 Dog Parks In Inner Melbourne

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A dog’s gotta stretch their legs! For us humans it can be stressful navigating off-leash hours and we may only have time to walk around the block.

If you’re looking to treat your dog to a fun new walk, here are some places close by to try:

Princes Park:

Still close to the city in Carlton North, this place is ideal those who are keen to stretch their legs as well. There is a jogging track that circles around the park and the added bonus of a duck pond to cool off your buddy in the summer heat. The off-leash area is massive and if you go early enough you might see a hot air balloon land in one of the ovals.

Clayton Reserve:

This fenced off little park is perfect for inner city dwellers. Situated in North Melbourne near The Lost Dog’s Home and Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, Clayton Reserve is suited for those worried about their cute furry friend running onto the road. This park is off-leash 24/7 and is great for pups that love making new friends.

Burns Reserve:

For those living in the West it’s a worthwhile trip to Altona to watch your dog run free along the beach as well as in the park area. This off-leash heaven has no restricted hours, safe shallow water to play in and free car parking so you won’t have to stress as you are enjoying your long picturesque walk. However, you will have to bring your own poop bags.

Citizens Park:

Just around the corner from Bridge Rd in Richmond is a fenced off dog park excellent for picnics and sports. There are a few restrictions that are more to do with common courtesy. When it isn’t occupied for training practice on the weekends, you can bring your pup along whilst you BBQ with friends.

Yarra Bend Park:

You don’t have to go far to take your four-legged to see natural bushland and stunning views of Melbourne and the Dandenongs. From the city it is a short drive to Kew. Depending on what area you go to there you will have to keep the lead on. The river, the open woodlands and the café are sure to be a treat for you and your best friend.

Need more inspiration? Here are some of our contributor’s favourite parks!


My dad takes me on lots of park adventures around Melbourne, always fenced so that I don’t get too adventurous and get in danger. Some of my all time favourites are Brighton dog beach in Brighton, Kevin Hayes Reserve in Mordiallic and Clayton reserve in North Melbourne. Always lots of well behaved cute pups to play with there! – Little Boy George.


One of my favourite dog parks is Elsternwick Park. There is lots of room for the dogs to run around and good walking paths for mum and dad. They also have a lake (that is fenced off) so I can bark at the ducks and swans! – Lenny the Dal

Where is your favourite place to take your dog for a walk? Comment and let us know.

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