The Benefits of Obedience Training

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Although they may be irrefutably cute, puppies can be boisterous, excitable and mischievous at the best of times. It may seem like a bit of a hassle, but obedience training is beneficial for both you and your pup and can also be super fun!

Unsure whether to try obedience training? Here are the benefits:

Establishing authority:

Although many of us like to treat our dogs as if they were our own babies (yep, guilty), establishing authority is one of the most important things you can teach your dog. For new puppies especially, it’s important for them to know who is boss. Using obedience training to remind your pup that you’re in charge will help you in all interactions with them, as well as in interactions with other dogs.


Well this one might be obvious, but training your dog to understand simple commands is one of the great benefits of obedience training! Whether it’s sit, lie down, or shake, these commands will help you communicate efficiently with your dog. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move onto manoeuvres like roll over and play dead, which I mean can be seriously impressive party tricks.


All dogs have different personalities and like some of us (3pm on a Monday afternoon, anyone?) have difficulty socialising. Taking your dog to training classes can be a great way for them to learn how to interact with other dogs.

Socialising with other dogs was Hamish the Chow’s favourite part about obedience training:

“I wasn’t the best student in puppy school, some may even have called me a terror. It did teach me socialisation though. Chow Chows have a reputation for being slightly unfriendly, so it was important I learnt how to behave around other dogs and humans, as with any young pup.”

Although it is generally filled with love and cuddles, being a dog owner can be hard and even sometimes stressful. Obedience training can help you as an owner to manage your dog’s behaviour and identify good behaviour, which in the end will make for a happy owner, and an even happier pup!

Whether you choose to attend training classes, or train your puppy at home, obedience training will equip your dog with new skills and keep them on their toes. And remember, you can always teach an old dog, new tricks!

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