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The Dog Café

posted by The Daily Fluff August 3, 2017 0 comments

Any foodie in Melbourne loves exploring to find the latest and greatest cafés. Every weekend is a new adventure to seek out all the smashed avo and coffee options. However, no adventure would be complete without a trusted animal sidekick to share all your discoveries with.

Luckily we have just the place for you and your pooch! Clear out your weekend plans and head down to The Dog Café!

Located in Boronia, The Dog Café is the newly opened cafe that is friendly for both pets and owners. It has everything for every dog lover including good food, coffee and company. With white tables and chairs sitting outside, The Dog Café is just begging for you to sit down and relax with your pup. The inside of The Dog Café is no different with its hanging lightbulbs from the ceiling that helps create that dreamy café aesthetic.

When you step out back and take notice of the mural of dogs wondering the Melbourne streets, you can see how much this café loves the cute four-legged creatures. With a turf covered ground, a sand pit, hay stacks and doggie pools, your fur baby will be unable to resist what the café has to offer. Let them play and meet new friends as you can sit down on the picnic tables and enjoy the sunshine without worrying about keeping your pet on a leash.

But of course, a café isn’t a café without mouth-watering food and drinks. For your satisfaction, The Dog Café has a large array of drinks for every café lover, including coffee, cappuccinos, long blacks, hot chocolates, ice coffee and milkshakes. Be prepared to leave plenty of room in your stomach for the wide selection of salads, cakes and slices. The Dog Café also has plenty of options for every dog that has been longing to enjoy the café lifestyle. There are puppacinos, dog food and dog rolls that will make your furry foodie so full they’ll just sprawl on the turf.

We know how we’ll be spending our weekend! Join us and visit this must-see destination.

Open hours are: Friday – Sunday from 9am till 4pm.

Address: 120 Boronia Road, Boronia.

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3 Things To Do With Your Furry Friend This Long Weekend

posted by The Daily Fluff March 9, 2017 0 comments

Are you looking forward to this long weekend? All of us at the Daily Fluff sure are! Big plans in motion? A mini vay-cay perhaps? We can assure you that your furry friend is looking forward to having that extra day to spend with you. In case you’re out of ideas here are 3 things you can do with your pet over this weekend.

  1. A trip to the Mornington Peninsula:

What’s on? Well not only could you visit many of the sandy beaches, this weekend the Mornington Farmers markets happen to be on. Held on the second Saturday of every month, the Farmer’s markets give you the opportunity to meet the hard workers behind the wholesome food; the butchers, bakers and growers. The market is a go-to for those looking for sustainable, chemical free and less travelled food that is actually sold by those who make or grow it! With plenty of stalls offering a variety of goods, you are bound to find lots of goodies from cheeses, breads and jams to meats, seafoods, beers and wine. Talk about the perfect date with your pooch!

  1. Royal Botanical Gardens, South Yarra:

Covering 63 hectares with thousands of different plant life including beautiful flowers and extravagant trees, the Botanical Gardens is an excellent place to take your pup on that extra long walk you’ve been meaning to do! Dogs do have to stay on-leash but they won’t mind as the gardens offer an escape from the city and concrete jungle of Melbourne. It really feels like you’re lost in nature in there. And to top it off, a visit to the Observatory Cafe is a must for a cup of coffee, a glass (or two) of wine or a scoop of ice-cream (there’s a decent selection). Your pooch can enjoy it with you since it’s dog-friendly!

  1. ‘The Abby’ Abbotsford Convent:

An exciting dog-friendly spot The Abby, is open every day of the year which makes it the perfect destination this long weekend! Enjoy a fresh baguette from the Convent bakery (famous for their baked delicious goods) then grab a drink from the bar. To conclude, take a picnic and you can both relax and enjoy the live music on the grass. The grounds of The Abby are great for a walk and if you’re up for a splurge there’s also an award-winning restaurant.

These are only a few ideas for what you could do over this long weekend with your furry friend. So we hope you decide to take your dog with you when you head out on an adventure!

What are you planning on doing with your pup this long weekend?

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3 Fun Ways to Spend Summer With Your Pet in Melbourne

posted by The Daily Fluff January 23, 2017 0 comments

Stuck in a weekend rut? Sometimes going to the beach again and again can get a bit repetitive. In order to fully enjoy summer, you and your pup should try new things. And luckily for you, Melbourne has a wide range of pet friendly activities for you two to enjoy together.

We’ve come up with a few suggestions so that you and your pet can have the best summer ever!

  1. Visit a café:

Melbourne is well known for its buzzing cafes. If you think you can’t enjoy them with your pooch, think again! There are many cafes around town that caters to both you and your pet. The Stray Dog Café in Glen Waverley not only offers hand made burgers, but they will give your dog a free bowl of chicken for them to nom on. The Farm Café in Abbotsford has delicious treats and rustic views of the children’s farm. Your dog will feel right at home! Crowded House in Williamstown offers your pooch a bowl of water after they’ve had a big day of running around the nearby beaches. Kew Nursery and Café not only have gardening supplies for your shopping enjoyment, but it has a lovely garden scene for you and your pet to enjoy. If it’s a hot day, head to the dog specialty café, Dog House! Not only do they have a wide range of ice creams, but they also have plenty of yummy treats for your dog, such as meat muffins, bones and steaks!

  1. Go the movies:

Who says you can’t bring your pet to the movies? Summer is the perfect time to attend outdoor cinemas, where you can watch the latest releases and good old classics. And guess what? Your pet can come along too! QV Outdoor Cinema has pet friendly cinema sessions up until February where you can cuddle up to your pooch while watching a flick in the city. The sessions also raise money for Lort Smith, Australia’s not-for-profit animal hospital.

Biggie Smalls loves heading to the QV outdoor cinema with his parents!

I’m a movies man so I love sitting back on a deck chair and relaxing under the stars at QV doggy and deck chair movie nights. I can eat snacks and nap too.

However, if you prefer for you and your pup to get back to nature, Moonlight Cinema in the Botanical Gardens is also pet friendly. Running until April, you and your pet can lie out on the grass among the trees and watch a movie under the stars. There is also the drive-in cinema in Coburg, where you two can cuddle up in the comfort of your own car!

  1. Attend a food truck festival:

Do you and your pooch want to eat some yummy nibbles while having fun at the same time? Summer in Melbourne has you covered! There are plenty of food truck festivals happening that not only offers mouth-watering food and beverages, but they also allow you to bring your best friend! The Coburg Velodrome Food Truck Festival starts it all off on Australia Day, running until the 29th. It has it all: food trucks, circus performers, live music, wrestling rings and outdoor cinemas. They also run daily food-eating competitions, not only for humans, but for dogs too! Your little winner can show it’s competitive side and eat as many snags as they can in three minutes. Don’t worry; there will be a vet on side to make sure they don’t stuff themselves silly. There is also the Food Truck Park in Preston that runs annual festivals with a wide variety of themes such as BBQ and beers, tacos, Indian street food and pizza. Plus, your pet can come along to mingle with other pups and make new friends!

Need some more great ideas? Here are some of our contributor’s favourite ways to spend summer in Melbourne!

One of my favourite spots to go in Melbourne on a warm summers day is Warrandyte River. Always plenty of pups for me to play with, lots of shade for mum (and for me) to laze around in, and endless water for to splash in! Perfect day if you ask me! – Bentley 

Bentley’s not the only one who loves to splash around in the water!

The beach is the best! I love swimming and then rolling in the sand. Digging holes and chasing my brother through the dunes. It’s perfect on a hot day to cool off!! – Lil Kim

What are some fun activities you and your pet love doing during summer in Melbourne! Comment below and let us know.


Top Most Toxic Foods For Cats and Dogs to Avoid Now

posted by The Daily Fluff July 8, 2016 0 comments

Many of us like to treat our favourite furry friends to our meals while we eat them, however what you may be sharing with your pet could be harmful to their health. There are many foods out there that can cause some serious nasty side effects if consumed by our pets so it’s vital to be aware of the dangers.

Here at the Daily Fluff, we’ve rounded up the most common toxic foods for your cat and dog to keep out of their sights and away from their paws now.


We all love to treat ourselves to some delicious chocolate every now and then, but it’s important to keep those tasty sweets away from our pets at all times. If our dogs and cats consume chocolate they can have symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, hyperactivity (restlessness, muscle twitching), lethargy, inappetence and excessive thirst thanks to a nasty chemical compound called theobromide that is found in chocolate.


Caffeine is also highly toxic for dogs and cats and can cause some major damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys and central nervous systems of our furry companions. Common side effects of include hyperactivity, vomiting and restlessness which can make your pet very unhappy and sick.

Grapes and macadamia nuts:

Common snack foods like grapes and macadamia nuts should also be kept away from our cats and dogs and this includes dried grapes like raisins and sultanas. If consumed, symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, decreased urine production, weakness and loss of appetite can typically occur 24 hours post ingestion.

Garlic and onion:

Common cooking ingredients garlic and onion are also highly toxic to dogs and cats and have been known to cause damage to red blood cells. This is true for all types of garlic and onion including raw, cooked and powder variations. Symptoms may include an increased heartbeat, pale gums, vomiting, diarrhoea and blood in the urine that requires urgent treatment.

Alcohol & tobacco:

It’s important to always keep alcohol and tobacco away from cats and dogs as ingestion of alcohol and/or tobacco has the potential to produce serious health consequences. Symptoms of intoxication include depression, staggering, excitement and or decreased reflexes. Ingestion of cigarette butts from the ground or ashtrays can also cause adverse digestive and nervous system consequences.

A few other foods to keep away from cats and dogs include:

  • Milk and diary
  • Salt and salty snack foods
  • Meats that are high in fat
  • Yeast dough
  • Lilies (only in cats)
  • Rat/snail poison



Pets and A New Baby – What You Need To Know

posted by The Daily Fluff July 8, 2016 0 comments

Congrats! You’re expecting a baby! There are many changes headed your way but did you know these changes could even include your relationship with your pet?

While you no doubt love your pet, the attention of a brand new baby can sometimes disrupt your pet’s routine, including feeding times, cuddles, play time and everything else you do together to bond.

So in order to make the transition as smooth and as happy as possible for the both of you, there are a few key things to keep in mind when bringing home a baby.

Start to train your animal:

If your dog (in particular) hasn’t already been trained, now is a good time to train them. It’s important to teach them to sit, come and stay so you have more control over their actions and don’t have to worry about them not listening to your commands when they are needed the most. Teaching an older dog can be difficult, so don’t be afraid to invest in a dog trainer.

Allocate roles:

If you have other members in your household, use the time before the baby arrives to allocate roles to each family member. Roles can include who feeds the animals, who changes the kitty litter, who and when will someone walk the dog? Start practicing that routine now so that everyone has their jobs and are well rehearsed at their roles before the baby comes.

Make rules:

Ensuring you have some rules in place for your animals will mean that you can attend to your baby without worrying about pets being in places they shouldn’t! Either write them down, or hold a family meeting and address what is allowed and not allowed. Rules could include: no cats in the bassinet, near the pram or ensuring that you keep pets out of the baby’s room right from the start.

Once you’ve established these rules it’s vital that everyone follows them and disciplines your pets accordingly.

Be social with your pets:

When a new baby arrives there are sure to be lots of friends and family around so it’s a good idea to get your pets used to being social now.

A great idea is to throw a party and let your guest know that you are preparing your animals for extra company when the new baby arrives. Supply your guests with treats for the animals which they can give to your pets after giving them some cuddle time and attention.

Don’t forget about them!

The first few months with a newborn is very challenging, however it’s important not to forget about your other fur babies in the meantime. When your baby is sleeping why not cuddle up with your pets and have a nap, we know they will love the attention!

Have you recently welcomed a new baby into your home? Do you have any great tips on how to make the transition go smoothly? Comment and share them with us below!