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Fun Activities To Do With Your Pet Less Than 2 Hours From Melbourne

posted by The Daily Fluff May 2, 2016 0 comments

We all love spending our weekends with our favourite furry friends, so why not get in the car and tick off these great activities to do with your pets that are less than 2 hours away from Melbourne.

Here are a few great ideas:

Go on a winery tour:

Do you love wine, animals and beautiful scenery? Now you can combine all three things by heading on a winery tour with your pet thanks to businesses like Gourmet Pawprints who have created dog friendly winery tours!

Walk through gorgeous vineyards, while drinking delicious wine and eating delectable food all with your canine companion by your side. The winery tours are made for likeminded pet owners and their pets which is a great opportunity for you and your animal to get social! All winery tours begin with a dog welcoming bus that will take you to some of Victoria’s great wine regions so you can drink and relax as much as you want.

For more information head to: http://gourmetpawprints.com.au

 Head to the beach:

Although it may be winter, there is nothing quite as refreshing and relaxing as heading to the beach with your best friend by your side. There are many dog friendly beaches that are just a short drive from Melbourne including most beaches in Torquay, Apollo Bay, Breamlea and Portarlington (to name a few!). Take your pooch for a stroll while dipping your feet in the water, blissful!

For a full list of dog-friendly beaches head to: http://www.dogsonholidays.com.au/beaches/

Have a weekend away:

There’s nothing better than packing up your things and heading on a weekend getaway with your pet! From beachside vacations, country accommodation and everything in-between, there is sure to be a place you and your pet will just love.

Stay at a beautiful country house in Healesville or the Yarra Valley, or head down to a beach paradise along the Mornington Peninsula. You’ll be surprised how many great places there are that are pet friendly!

Go on a hike:

One of our favourite activities to do with our pets is to go on a hike! There are amazing places to hike in Melbourne and regional Victoria where pets can be walked both on and off their leashes. Popular places include the Tipperary Walking Track near Daylesford or Geelong’s You Yangs State Park, which have an extensive range of walking tracks from short walks to longer tracks sure to help you and your pooch work up a sweat!

For more information on dog friendly walks in Victoria call: Parks Victoria 13 19 63

Have you got some great activities you like to do with your pets on the weekend? Comment them below!