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Tips to bring your feline and canine pals together

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Cats and dogs – friends or foes? Well…it all depends on their personality and the way they were introduced to one another. Often, the case is that the dog is too playful and the cat is too fearful. If you’ve had a cat and a dog for a little while and they’re not best pals, the tips below will hopefully help them form a friendship, if not just to tolerate one another! If you’re thinking about getting both a kitten and a puppy, then these tips are perfect for you!

Scent meeting – Animals get to know one another through scent, hence why dogs always sniff each other’s butts! Before they meet for the first time, it’s a good idea to familiarise your pets with each other’s scent. Gently rub a cloth or sock over the dog and place near the cat’s bed. Do the reverse for the dog. By offering both pets access to each other’s scents, their initial meeting will be less stressful as each pet will know that the other is not a total stranger.

Off limit areas – Make sure cats in particular have a separate room as their safe haven that is off-limits to the dog. Your cat should feel safe and secure in this room knowing it can escape the dog when it gets uncomfortable. Only let the cat out when it is calm and inquisitive. You may want to begin introductions with the dog on a leash as this gives the cat freedom to explore and wander without fear.

Complementing personalities – If you’re thinking of adopting a cat or dog, with another already at home, adoption centres will work with you to find a suitable friend for the one at home based on personality. It’s important to note that some dog breeds, such as hounds, terriers and herding dogs should not live with a cat as their instincts are to chase.

Supervised interactions – Puppies and kittens will get along better than older pets as they’re both young and playful. With that being said, it’s important to supervise their interactions because a puppy’s play may still be a bit rough for a kitten. Be sure to train your puppy to chase a toy rather than his small feline friend – that way it will grow up respecting, not chasing smaller animals.

We hope you find these tips helpful on your quest to befriend your furry pals. All the best!

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Top Tips for Photographing Your Pet

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Hands up if your camera roll is filled with pics of your pets (guilty as charged)! Capturing cute pictures of your fur-babies has become even easier in the age of the smartphone and with a few great tips you’ll be photographing your favourite furry friend like a pro in no time!

Here are our tips on how to get that Insta-worthy pic:

Use natural light:

We’ve all taken photos with the flash on before and we all know – it’s not so pretty.

Ollie and Oscar prefer to be photographed in natural lighting when possible:

“If you’ve seen our Instagram you would know that we like to think of ourselves as professional models, but really it’s all about natural lighting”

We would suggest scheduling a photo shoot early in the morning, or in the afternoon. Afternoon light is diffused which means that it’s sure to flatter your pet. Try and avoid taking photos in bright sunlight, as it’s not as flattering and isn’t too kind on your pet’s eyes.

Patience makes perfect:

Let’s be honest, although they might be some of the cutest models, our pets definitely aren’t the most focused. Capturing a cute snap of your pet isn’t going to be as easy as snapping a few pictures with your friends on the weekend, that’s for sure.

Patience is key when it comes to pet photography. Don’t expect to grab the perfect shot straight off the bat. It might take 10 to 15 minutes to get a good shot of your pet, so be willing to invest some quality time!

Get on their level:

We all have our good and not so good angles, like when you open up front-facing camera unexpectedly (we’ve all been there)! No matter how big or small your furry friend is, make sure you get on their level to grab the best snap.

Always be prepared:

Luckily, most of us walk around with a camera in our pocket 24/7, so we can be prepared to whip our phones out at any second to grab a candid snap of our pets.

Sometimes spontaneous photos can be the best, so get your camera out when you’re playing catch, when your kitty is staring longingly out of the window, or when you’ve just come home with a fresh pack of your pet’s favourite treats.

The natural moments are sometimes the most precious!

Create a relaxing environment:

If you want to get the best out of your pet, make sure they’re feeling happy and relaxed.

Our friend George says that a relaxing environment is the key to a successful photo shoot:

“Let me fill you in on a secret to get a great photo. Always remember that I need to feel safe and comfortable so that I can relax”

Scheduling an Insta-shoot after your pets’ just woken up from a nap, or after a walk or play will produce the best results.

Play some tug-of-war or catch with your pet will get their blood pumping and create like-worthy smiles.

Bribes, lots of bribes:

I mean if you can get your pet to pose perfectly without bribing them with some treats then you’re one lucky pet-parent!

Lulu and Finn know it’s photo time when their pawrents get out their favourite toys:

“The humans think we don’t notice the camera when they dangle our toy mice above it (silly humans)!”

Grab your pet’s favourite toy or treat and hold it above the camera to capture their attention. Most animals will do anything for a slice of cheese, so using bribes is definitely a great way to get their attention!

Of course, don’t forget to shower them with treats and cuddles after you grab the winning snap.

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7 Signs You Own A Cat

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If you’ve owned a cat, you’ll know that they definitely bring unique and hilarious personalities to a home that only fellow cat owners will understand. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, and can be quirky, different and sometimes very un-cat-like, there are just some things that seem to translate from cat to cat!

Cat owners unite for the 7 universal signs of cat ownership:

Sorry, my cat did it!
You find yourself making excuses for being late because of your cat and having to explain the strangest things to visitors.

“Friends know our mum’s a cat lady because she can’t keep the toilet paper on the toilet roll holder, due to our creative shredded paper arts and crafts all over the bathroom!” say the cheeky cats Lulu & Finn.

That’s not my hair!
You have more fur on your clothes than you have on your head, and sometimes you even find cat hair in your food—yuck! You have lint rollers around the house for special occasions, because all cat owners know that literally no piece of clothing seems to escape being covered in cat hair, even if you don’t touch them!

Do I have babies? Sorry, I thought you asked do I have fur-babies!

Your cat is part of your family. Our friends Mimi, Ollie and Bruno notice their Mumma “carries photos of us to show anyone who asks if she has children!”

If your cat doesn’t like someone, you seriously start considering whether your cat has some kind of sixth sense personality tester hidden away in their kitty brain, and whether you should trust it. You’re constantly wondering what your cat is thinking, and you love watching them grow from a kitten through to the teen stages (with a tear in your eye whilst saying, ‘kids grow up so fast these days!’)

Yes that is another photo of my cat!
Speaking of photos, you take way too many (or maybe not enough?!) as well as videos of your cat. How can you not when they’re always doing the funniest/cutest things?!

Self-proclaimed crazy cat lady/man over here!
You may have had the term thrown at you once or twice, but you wear it with pride. It’s more of a compliment anyway, right? You may have seen the lady on YouTube crying about how much she loves cats, and you’re just sitting there thinking, “same!”

You’ve perfected your meow, and have conversations with your cat (even though you don’t understand what either of you are saying)! You also get really excited when your cat meows back to you.

Mind your foot, there’s a toy there!
There are cat toys all over your house and some aren’t even toys! You find straws, pencils and toy mice in the strangest places, and when you do, your sneaky cats aren’t too far away! Mimi, Ollie and Bruno find it funny that “every cable mum owns has teeth marks in it!”


Five Fun Games to Play With Your Cat

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If you’re a cat lover then you would know, each cat has its own unique personality, and there is no doubt that no two cats are the same. Here are some fun ideas to keep your cats entertained.

The Tech Cat

Who says cats can’t be tech nerds too? Google Play and Apple’s App stores are pretty much exploding with games for our feline friends. As long as you’ve got a smart-phone or a tablet, you’re ready to go.

Most games will let you determine what level your beloved kitty plays at, and as they advance the game will too!

To prevent any shattering disasters, and to protect your kitty’s claws, invest in a glass screen protector before you get started sharing your love for all things gadgets.

We love JitterBug and Cat Fishing.

The Traditional Cat

We all know that most cats are totally content just playing with feathers or a piece of string, and our Insta-famous friends Levi and Abby definitely agree.

“We see those feathers just waiting for us to pounce, I wonder who’ll get there first? Maybe we’ll go for that string just lying there taunting us instead… Mmmm, decisions decisions.  It’s such a hard life being a cat”

Aint that the truth.

luluThe No-Fuss Cat

We all know those cats who would be perfectly content going through life, simply entertaining themselves. They don’t need an iPad, or a box of toys to be entertained.

Our friend Freddy Mercury, like his namesake is known to be cheeky on occasions:

“One of my absolute favourite past times is to play hide-and-seek. I lurk behind doors and when an unsuspecting human passes I launch myself at them with a huge meow, paws outstretched. The reactions are priceless!”

Whether it’s feet under the table, or your hand under a blanket – these cats know how to keep themselves entertained on a budget.

freddyThe Adventurous Cat

For the super-energetic cat, your regular scratching post can be a bit of a bore. If you’re not willing to invest in one of those super OTT kitty jungle gyms, then make your own!

Gather together your cat’s favourite toys, tunnels and hiding spots and make them into their own personalised obstacle course. Hide treats inside their favourite toys, or use a string to lead them through the course.

This is a sure way to keep them entertained, and also tire those energetic kitties out!

If you’re looking for a kitty jungle gym then we recommend this one. 

The Hungry Cat

In the wild, not every meal comes as easy as meowing at the bag of food until it magically appears in the bowl. Bring out those hunter-gatherer instincts in your furry friend and make dinnertime fun.

Try rolling dry food across the floor, hiding it around the house, or stuffing treat balls (like this one from My Pet Warehouse) with dry food. Why not make dinner time fun?

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How to Groom Your Pet

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Whether you’ve just got a new puppy or have had your furry friend for many years, you know the importance of grooming your pet to prevent shedding and matting.

However, while grooming your pet is a major part of its care, it can be difficult to know what type of pampering your pooch or cat might need. That’s why here at the Daily Fluff we’ve rounded up your top tips for grooming your pets:

Grooming cats:

If you’re a cat owner then you are lucky, they are pretty self-sufficient when it comes to grooming. Despite this, they still need a little bit of loving when it comes to pamper time. Grooming your cat will help regulate their body temperature, help prevent fur balls, as well as being a great excuse for cuddle-time (if they’ll allow it!)

Shorthair cats generally only need to be brushed about once a month – if that. If your kitty is particularly placid, use a bristle brush to sweep up from the tail in the direction of their head. This will bring any loose hairs to the surface. If they’re not so fond of grooming time, you can simply run a brush from head to tail, or use your fingers to brush away loose hairs.

Longhaired cats on the other hand, need to be groomed at least once a week. Longhairs are more likely to mat, which is no fun for anyone (trust us). As with shorthairs, brushing in the direction that is opposite to hair growth will release more of the fallen hairs. Take care in sensitive areas such as the underarms, as this hair is more likely to mat.

Grooming Dogs:

Dogs on the other hand, need a little more loving in the grooming department than cats. If you are able to groom your pup at home, then daily brushing is the way to go. This is super important for both dogs with fur and hair, as it will prevent shedding and mats developing.

If your dog sheds hair frequently, then a plastic grooming glove or brush is the best way to go. The fur sticks to the brush, which means that there is less clean up afterwards – win! If you’ve got a hypoallergenic pup, such as a Poodle, a double-sided brush with comb side, and a bristle side is perfect. This will help you fluff up the outer coat, and glide through the inner coat to help reduce mats.

Dogs can definitely be a bit more of a handful to groom, so we would recommend asking your local groomer or vet what specific beauty requirements your dog has. Remember, the best time to groom your pet is when they are feeling relaxed, so we would recommend after dinner, or just before bedtime. Keeping treats with you will help this process run as smoothly as possible!


How To Bond With Your New Cat or Kitten

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If you have just welcomed a new cat into your home, it’s important to spend some quality time together to help create a lasting and loving relationship with your new friend.

While the bonding process will happen naturally over time, ensuring your cat feels as happy and as comfortable as possible right from the beginning is helpful to establish a great connection that will last many years to come.

Unsure how to bond with your new cat? Here are a few ideas:

Give them attention:

If there’s one thing you should do to bond with your new cat, it’s cuddle time! Cats love to be stroked and patted, so choose a comfortable position on the couch or bed, put them on your lap and give them plenty of love and attention. Cats enjoy being patted on the top and sides of their heads as well as their chin and will usually purr, roll around or salivate when happy.

Groom your cat:

Another one of our favourite ways to improve the connection with our feline friends is through grooming. Gently stroke a fine-toothed metal comb through your cat’s hair making sure you are careful of any knots that may cause distress. It’s important to always make grooming a pleasant and positive experience for your cat, so stroking and patting while grooming is a must. If you have adopted an elderly cat, be wary of sore spots they may have which can be aggravated while grooming.

Arrange a sleeping space: 

Cats love small, warm, cozy places to sleep, so it’s vital to make a comfortable area for them to nap throughout the day and night. Allocate a quiet space for your new cat which contains a cat bed, blankets, a few toys and a scratching post. They are sure to feel right at home!

Feed them:

It may seem like common sense, but feeding your animal is a great way to establish trust and to bond with your feline companion. From the beginning, implement a strict feeding routine and feed your cat fresh food twice a day. This will go a long way in developing a connection between you and your animal.

A few other tips to remember when bonding with a new cat include:

  • Make yourself as small as possible, the best way to do this is by getting on all fours and onto their level
  • Never drag your cat out from their hiding place, or pick them up suddenly. Always let them approach you first
  • Be cautious not to look directly into your cat’s eyes as some cats may perceive this to be threatening
  • Call to them softly and let them smell your hand before cuddling them
  • Play with them. Cats love to chase after things, so purchase a few toys and set aside time to enjoy games together

Do you have any great ways you like to bond with your cat? Comment and share them with us below.