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Top Tips for Photographing Your Pet

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Hands up if your camera roll is filled with pics of your pets (guilty as charged)! Capturing cute pictures of your fur-babies has become even easier in the age of the smartphone and with a few great tips you’ll be photographing your favourite furry friend like a pro in no time!

Here are our tips on how to get that Insta-worthy pic:

Use natural light:

We’ve all taken photos with the flash on before and we all know – it’s not so pretty.

Ollie and Oscar prefer to be photographed in natural lighting when possible:

“If you’ve seen our Instagram you would know that we like to think of ourselves as professional models, but really it’s all about natural lighting”

We would suggest scheduling a photo shoot early in the morning, or in the afternoon. Afternoon light is diffused which means that it’s sure to flatter your pet. Try and avoid taking photos in bright sunlight, as it’s not as flattering and isn’t too kind on your pet’s eyes.

Patience makes perfect:

Let’s be honest, although they might be some of the cutest models, our pets definitely aren’t the most focused. Capturing a cute snap of your pet isn’t going to be as easy as snapping a few pictures with your friends on the weekend, that’s for sure.

Patience is key when it comes to pet photography. Don’t expect to grab the perfect shot straight off the bat. It might take 10 to 15 minutes to get a good shot of your pet, so be willing to invest some quality time!

Get on their level:

We all have our good and not so good angles, like when you open up front-facing camera unexpectedly (we’ve all been there)! No matter how big or small your furry friend is, make sure you get on their level to grab the best snap.

Always be prepared:

Luckily, most of us walk around with a camera in our pocket 24/7, so we can be prepared to whip our phones out at any second to grab a candid snap of our pets.

Sometimes spontaneous photos can be the best, so get your camera out when you’re playing catch, when your kitty is staring longingly out of the window, or when you’ve just come home with a fresh pack of your pet’s favourite treats.

The natural moments are sometimes the most precious!

Create a relaxing environment:

If you want to get the best out of your pet, make sure they’re feeling happy and relaxed.

Our friend George says that a relaxing environment is the key to a successful photo shoot:

“Let me fill you in on a secret to get a great photo. Always remember that I need to feel safe and comfortable so that I can relax”

Scheduling an Insta-shoot after your pets’ just woken up from a nap, or after a walk or play will produce the best results.

Play some tug-of-war or catch with your pet will get their blood pumping and create like-worthy smiles.

Bribes, lots of bribes:

I mean if you can get your pet to pose perfectly without bribing them with some treats then you’re one lucky pet-parent!

Lulu and Finn know it’s photo time when their pawrents get out their favourite toys:

“The humans think we don’t notice the camera when they dangle our toy mice above it (silly humans)!”

Grab your pet’s favourite toy or treat and hold it above the camera to capture their attention. Most animals will do anything for a slice of cheese, so using bribes is definitely a great way to get their attention!

Of course, don’t forget to shower them with treats and cuddles after you grab the winning snap.

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Benefits Of Pets In The Workplace

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For most of us, the best thing about arriving home after work each day is being greeted by our furry friends. Playing catch or having some quality cuddle time is the best way to relax and de-stress after a long day at work.

However now you don’t have to spend your day wondering what mischief your pet is getting up to at home, or waiting for the clock to hit five so you can go home and spoil them with belly rubs anymore! Studies have shown that having pets in the workplace can actually be extremely beneficial!

Unconvinced? Here are the top benefits of having pets in the workplace:

Reduces stress and anxiety:

Anxiety is common in most workplaces. Even if you love your job, deadlines, meetings and time management can get to even the most zen of us!

Studies have shown that pet’s behaviour provokes laughter and entertainment, which is likely to reduce stress and feelings of depression. This is especially relieving in high-pressure corporate workplaces! Having something to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety is guaranteed to create a more productive and effective workplace.

Encourages physical activity:

Being stuck in the office, sitting down, sending emails all day definitely is not great for your health and wellbeing, that’s for sure. Even on the most beautiful summers days, we can feel obliged to stay inside while we’re at work.

Having pets in the office gives you the greatest excuse to get out and enjoy that sunshine! Leaving the office for even 15 minutes to walk the dog can be a great refresher and it can improve employee’s focus. Win/win!

Increases productivity:

Being happier, healthier, and less stressed at work can make a more productive team. Reduced stress in the workplace means that employees are less likely to take sick days and are more likely to enjoy their time at work.

Workplaces that are pet friendly have found that as office-pets create a more relaxed environment, they also boost creativity. Meaning that employees are more likely to be imaginative and productive.

If you’re seeking a bit more balance in your corporate life, we would definitely recommend asking your boss about introducing pet-friendly office days! Even if it’s just one day a week – like our friends at Jetpets, who have introduced Furbaby Friday at their workplace.

 I mean, who can resist a puppies’ face anyway?!

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6 Signs Your Dog Loves You

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Everyone who knows you is very (VERY) aware that you love your dog. You most likely have photos plastered all over your wall of your dog, as well as screen savers, and think about your dog whilst at work. You possibly even dream of a land where only you and hundreds of clones of your dog exists—or is that taking it too far? Anyway, the point is, there is no doubt you love him or her, but how do you know that the special dog in your life loves you back?

They give you lots of kisses:

Your dog showers you with sloppy, smelly kisses. They kiss you when you wake up, before you go to sleep and every opportunity in between. Although it’s sometimes unwanted — like when you’re trying to get ready for a special occasion, and your hairy pooch decides it’s the perfect time to slobber all over your brand new outfit—it’s your dog’s way of saying “I love that you exist!”

They get excited when they see you (not matter how long it’s been):

Dog: “Mum, it’s been a whole day, I missed you so much!”
Also Dog: “Mum, I went outside to go to the toilet, I missed you so much!”
You know your dog loves you when they are CONSTANTLY greeting you like it’s been weeks.

Bentley says, “My favourite way to show how much I love my humans is whether they’ve been gone for 10 minutes, or 10 hours; making sure they’re absolutely smothered in kisses and cuddles from me the second they step in the door! (Whether they like it or not!)”

They can’t be upset with you:

Your fur child HATES the vet, HATES when you leave him/her and HATES baths. Despite this, 30 seconds later your dog will be in your arms begging to play. No matter how upset your dog may have been during unpleasant situations or whilst you were telling it off, it will forget about it straight away.

They want to be close to you:

Sometimes this means that sitting by your feet or next to you is not enough, and your dog will insist on sitting on your lap (even if they are 45 kilos)! Dogs are very loving, and contact is one of the main ways they express their affection!

Competes with others:

Your dog wants your undivided attention, and sometimes when your friends, partner or even other pets are around your dog gets extremely jealous that it’s not getting 100% of it. Occasionally the jealousy will result in a stare off and/or pushing its way between you and whatever is distracting you.

Pulls the ‘puppy dog eyes’ move ALL THE TIME:

We already mentioned evil stare offs, but puppy dog eyes are a whole new level because nine out of ten times you cave. Not only is this your dog’s favourite way to manipulate you, but it shows how badly your pooch wants to spend time with you!

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The Best Dogs for Families

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Introducing a dog into your family can be an exciting time for everyone! But it is important that you do your research and find the right dog for you and your crew.

Here are some of the best dogs for families:


Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are renowned for being docile, loyal and super-dooper friendly! Retrievers LOVE to be trained and are very adaptable. This means that they will adjust to new family members quickly and easily.

Their calm temperament means that they are patient with little humans and other animals. They do need regular exercise, which is a great excuse for the family to get out for an afternoon stroll!


Not only are Poodles one of the most intelligent breeds, they’re also super adorable (real life teddy bear anyone?). These attentive and faithful dogs love cuddling up, chasing after a ball, or training.

Their hair-like coat means that they are hypoallergenic, which is great for families who struggle with allergies.

There are three different sub-breeds of Poodle; Toy (24cm tall), Miniature (30cm tall) and Standard (45cm tall), so there is bound to be a breed to suit your family’s lifestyle.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

If you’re looking for a dog that’s cheeky but loyal, then you don’t need to look past the Cavie’ King Charles Spaniel. These pint size pups get along with everyone, and anything.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can weigh between 5 and 8 kilos when they’re fully grown, so they’re pretty manageable for young families.


Greyhounds are affectionately known as ‘the world’s fastest couch potatoes’. They’ve got some speed on them, but they’d probably prefer to cuddle up with you on the couch all day instead.

For a dog of their size, they are extremely obedient and tame. As a major plus for most families, like the Poodle, Greyhounds are hypoallergenic!

Our friend Zelda the Greyhound loves being apart of her family:

“We are very quite, low maintenance dogs, so we’re well suited to busy families. We’re sweet-natured, gentle, love to be around people, but most of the time want nothing more than to sleep all day. So if you have a comfy couch then I’m sure there’s a place for a greyhound in your family!”

Do you have a favourite family dog breed? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 Tips For Choosing Your Ideal Dog Walker

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As a proud pooch parent, your pet’s health and wellbeing is no doubt something you take very seriously. Depending on the breed of your dog, they might need anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour of walk and exercise, once or twice a day. Younger and more energetic pooches do need more exercise than senior dogs.

However, we totally get that working full time and getting everything you need to get done each day can sometimes make it difficult to give your precious baby the recommended amount of exercise every day of the week. That is where a professional and trustworthy dog-walker can be really useful.

But how do you go about choosing one who fits the bill? Our friends at The Pooch Concierge have come up with a list of tips to help you make the right choice.

  1. Figure out what you need: The first step to finding the right dog walker is to work out your specific needs. Are you looking for someone to help you out once a week or every day of the week? Does your pooch prefer groups or do they like their own space? What time of the day is the best for your needs? Are you also looking for other services such as doggie daycare and overnight sitting?
  1. Go local: Use Google, Yellow Pages and online platforms to look up all local dog-walkers. Make a list along with their names, addresses and contact numbers and you are all set for making calls.
  1. Have a conversation: The dog-walking industry has a number of operators, from one man or one woman show to businesses with teams of carers as well as online platforms where you can hire freelance pet carers. They are all great, depending upon where you live and what is your specific pet care need. The best way to decide is by having an in depth conversations with a number of providers and choosing the one that feels right.
  1. Go for quality and fit over price: Some people tend to go by price as the chief deciding factor when choosing a pet carer. We would advise you to look instead at the quality of the service being provided and how well it meets your specific needs. When you are going to trust someone with the care of your furry friend, the wise thing to do is to go for someone who is going to do their job and do it well!
  1. Meet and Greet: For both pooches, parents and walkers, the ‘Meet and Greet’, offered for free by many dog walkers, is a great way for everyone to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. This is the opportunity for you as well as the pet carer to decide whether the arrangement is right for both of you as well as your pooch.
  1. Compassion and Care: While you are at the ‘Meet and Greet”, you need to observe closely how your prospective carer interacts with your pooch. Do they show compassion, patience and care? Your pet’s comfort and wellbeing is important. So, do not hesitate to go by your gut feelings.
  1. Ask about the essentials: Dog walking like any other profession requires certain standards of service. As a minimum, dog walkers need to carry water, collapsable bowls, treats and pick up bags. Sometimes extra leashes and towels might be needed as well. And do they pick up after your pooch for the benefit of everyone? Make sure to ask.
  1. Reference Check: Most dog walkers are very professional and trustworthy. However, when someone else would be accessing your property in your absence with a spare key, establishing trust and reliability are absolutely essential. So asking for a couple of references will help ease your mind a lot.
  1. Insurance and police checks: Under Australian law, the pet carer is responsible if a pet causes injury to another person or animal while in their care. In order to obtain public liability insurance, they must not have had any convictions in the past 5 years. It might be a good idea to check if your prospective dog walker is keeping up with regulations. This can save some legal hassle down the track if unfortunately something does go wrong.
  1. Spare Keys: If you were planning on giving your dog walker a set of spare keys, do ask about how they intend on storing their keys. Professionals often use coded labels such for client keys, so in case of loss or theft, it is not possible to figure out whose door it will open.

Want to find out more about The Pooch Concierge?

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.
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Introducing Pawshake

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Whether for work or play, trips away can be bittersweet for pet lovers. It’s not always possible to take our pets with us when we go away, and on these occasions we need to think about where they will stay and who will look after them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was an online community of trusted pet lovers on standby to look after your furry friends? Oh wait, there is!

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Image credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Introducing Pawshake:

Pawshake is a community for pet minders and owners. It began in 2010 in Belgium, currently operates in over 17 countries worldwide and was started in Australia in 2014.

Pawshake essentially is a go-to hub through which pet minders and owners can meet, greet and trust that the services received will be of the best quality. Through the Pawshake’s website users can either find or become pet minders, which means that pets can be left in the comfort of their own home with a friendly, reliable visitor checking in a few times a day during the duration of their owner’s absence.

Pawshake’s pet sitters not only feed and walk your furry friend, they also keep them company and make sure everything is okay while you are away. It certainly solves the problem of a post cat motel hissyfit being thrown in the front seat of your car on the way home!

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Image credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Other services:

However Pawshake isn’t only for the vacation bound! The business also offers services such as doggy day care for those who hate leaving their pup alone while they’re at the office or having a super busy day. Interested pet owners can search for doggy day care services in their area and minders can be charged with the responsibility of getting the puppy to and from the doggy day care. Otherwise, owners can organise this part and do a drop-off and pick­ up. There are countless options for everyone!

Sarah Gaul, Pawshake’s Community Manager explains, “We have thousands of users Australia-wide, and all our sitters are vetted and verified before appearing on the site. Owners can read all about the sitters and their experience, as well as reviews from other pet owners, on their customised Pawshake Sitter profile. Our sitters are from a huge array of backgrounds and professions – we have vets, vet nurses, retirees, pet groomers, professionals, people who work from home and students, to name a few.”

The best part? When you’ve found your perfect match to look after your pooch, you can refer back to your favourite minder. If a dog or cat had a particularly great experience with a minder, owners can book their services again creating even more peace of mind for your furry favourites.

Minders are also encouraged to check in and build rapport with owners by communicating and sending photographs and updates through text to ensure you have peace of mind throughout the whole process! So both you and your furred pal don’t have to worry about not coping without them.

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Image credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Want to hear from Pawshake pet sitters and owners?

“Pawshake is great for me as a freelancer – I’m not in a position to own a pet, but I still get much-need pet interaction with my daily dog walking and house visit clients.  It’s fabulous extra income, and the app and website are really easy to navigate. I feel like a surrogate owner to a lot of my fur-clients – the job is super rewarding!” – From a Pet Sitter (Kate, Sydney)

“My partner and I stumbled across Pawshake about a year ago, when a friend from the dog park recommended it. We have been really nervous to leave our 9-month-old French Bulldog, Stanley, in a kennel or boarding facility, so Pawshake was the perfect solution. We found Jack through the website and had a meet and greet so we could see if he and Stanley got along, and Jack was amazing with him! Both my partner and I travel for work, and we’ve left Stanley at Jack’s house a few times now and he’s always very well cared for. Jack sends us daily updates, and it’s much cheaper than kennels.” -From a Pet owner (John, Melbourne)

To register as a sitter or as a pet owner, users can simply go to www.pawshake.com.au and create a profile. Pawshake also provides 24 hour phone and online support for sitters and owners and offers a great and accessible app! Do you have questions or want to know more? Email info@pawshake.com.au and one of their managers will get back to you shortly!


4 Ways to Spoil Your Pet Today

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We LOVE our pets, and we love to spoil them – which is why we’ve rounded up our four favourite ways to spoil your furry-friend today!

Find out what they are below.


Admit it, you totally like to spoil yourself with your favourite dessert every now and then and let me tell you, our pets love being spoiled with food just as much! Try swapping out your pet’s usual food for something a bit extra special.

Another great idea is to try making your own dog or cat food. You can make a large quantity and freeze it to bring out on special occasions to surprise your fur-baby.

Toys and playtime:

If you’ve got a ball-crazy dog then you know how much they just love playing catch. Sure, throwing the ball 50 times in a row can get a little boring, but you know your dog absolutely loves it.

Don’t forget our feline friends either! Grab your cat’s favourite toy and really invest in a good exercise session. This will keep their mind and body active, as well as acting as some great boding time for the two of you!


If there is one thing that dogs love, it’s exploring new places! Treat your dog by taking them for a walk to a new dog park, or even a dog friendly beach!

If you’re up for a more relaxing day then you could take your dog to a dog friendly café and relax with a latte while your pup explores.

Volli the Dachshund loves going to new places:

“I know I have little legs, but I can keep up with you – don’t you worry. All those smells and trees to pee on, it’s like an amusement park for my senses!”


Well, maybe this one is a treat for us too. One sure way to spoil your pet is to give them all of the love and attention they need!

Volli has explained this perfectly:

“When you are home, just let me hang out with you – all the time. You are my best friend and being by your side is happiness.”

What are your favourite ways to spoil your pet? Share with us below!

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5 Animals Every Household Needs

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For most of us, the perfect thing to complete a household is pets — and lots of them!

Not only do pets keep you company and give you lots of love, but they will also keep you occupied whilst providing you with lots of memories to cherish. From the small and slimy to the big and hairy, we’ve got you covered for the animals every household needs!

The Scaly:
Fish are great for those who may not have the time, money or ability to own any more large pets. Even if you often travel on short trips, you can purchase fish feeding blocks. Be prepared to research water temperatures and which fish can be housed together. And remember to be careful of your other pets prying eyes (and stomachs)!

The Small:
There are a variety of smaller pets that we’re sure your heart and homes have room for. Bunnies and guinea pigs are great for those who want outdoor, ‘hut-living’ pets. Otherwise, rats and mice are great for the indoors and—despite their bad rep—they’re adorable and sweet! (Or at least that’s what we hear…)

The Loving:
The first animal that generally comes to mind when you’re thinking about a furry new family member is a dog. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and with so many breeds and personality types to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your family. Have we mentioned how happy and loving dogs are? There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day and having your canine pal greet you with sheer joy and excitement.

The Characters:
A cat (or two or four) is a must have for all households. They are amusing, fluffy, loving, interesting and at times, downright strange. Every cat may be unique, but they have one thing in common; they will take over your life and your social media accounts. Okay so not in the violent kind of way, but in the “I love you so much I’m going to watch you do cat things all day long” way.

The Colourful:
Whether you choose to have parrots, love birds or lorikeets, birds are such great pets to have. Birds are extremely underrated, and despite them being less common than some other pet choices, they can be very affectionate, loving and have hilarious personalities. If you’re looking to own some birds, it’s a great excuse to start an outdoor project by building an outdoor aviary. For those who want a self-sufficient household, why not get chickens? This way you can ensure the eggs you eat come from well looked after chickens.

What animals do you have in your household? Comment and share with us!

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

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All over the world, humans celebrate their birthdays. They receive presents wrapped with colourful paper and ribbons, eat their favourite meals, and sing around a chocolate cake. Little do they know their pets are watching from their beds with heavy hearts thinking, ‘what about my birthday, I’m seven and haven’t had one party!’ Or maybe they’re watching whilst thinking about how much they want that last slice of cake—either way, we’re sure they would love to celebrate their special day, too! If you’re short on ideas, below are our favourites to ensure your pet feels loved and overjoyed from celebrating.

Spend extra time with just you and your pet – no distractions:

Turn off the TV, put down your phone (unless you’re recording the event) and have some one-on-one time focusing on your pet. Not only will your pet feel grateful and special, but it will leave you feeling great for giving them the attention they deserve.

Ollie the kitty had his birthday celebrations recently! Here’s what he had to say: “It was my first birthday on the weekend, mumma pulled out allllll the stops and I had the bestest day ever! I got all the cuddles I wanted, plus a walk around the backyard on mum’s shoulder (for the first time ever) watching birdies up close! I was a good boy and didn’t try to catch them. I also got some cool new toys and heaps of playtime, and for dinner mum gave me 50g of smoked salmon all to myself! I also got heaps of sweet and thoughtful birthday greetings from my friends all over the world on Instagram, which made me feel really special.”

Do your pet’s favourite thing:

Whether it’s laying by a heater with cozy blankets, playing fetch outside, running through an open field or swimming at the beach, take time out of your day or weekend to do what your pet loves to do.

Organise a cake smash:

Yes, dog versions of a cake smash exist! They are such a unique and special way to capture your fur-baby doing something fun. Contact a pet photographer for more information.

Take a family photo:

Take a photo to remember the occasion. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just put your camera on timer and get into position. It’s a great family tradition you could start to commemorate your pet’s birthday. Put aside a photo album to add the yearly photo so you can see how everyone changes. Get the party hats out and make it fun!

Have a birthday party:

Invite your friends and their pets over for a birthday party! Bake special homemade pupcakes (and human cupcakes for you) and spend some time with everyone in your backyard or local park.

Give them treats:

Treat them with a few extra nibbles, or splurge on their favourite food for dinner! Food is the key to a lot of pet’s hearts.

Buy them new toys:

All pets love toys and let’s face it, their fluffy bear is getting extremely raggedy and old. Even wrap the presents up, as some pets may even find the wrapping paper the best gift of all! (Or if you’re a cat owner, the box that the gift came in will be their new favourite possession!)