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The Best Cat Instagrams to Follow

posted by The Daily Fluff January 13, 2017 0 comments

If you’re not sure where to get your fill of awesome cats on instagram we have a few suggestions for you. Here are some of the most recognisable, adorable and hilarious cats that you need on your feed.

Maru and Hana

Instagram name: @maruhanamogu

From Japan, Maru become well known as ‘the box cat Maru’ and things got cuter as the owner adopted Hana. It’s just a wholesome instagram about two best friends who love boxes.

Cat Instagram | Follow | The Daily Fluff | Pet Social Media

Princess Monster Truck

Instagram name: @PrincessMonsterTruck

This cutie, a rescue cat from New York, reminds us that every cat deserves a home.  Princess Monster Truck is named after her unforgettable underbite caused by inbreeding.

Cat Instagram | Follow | The Daily Fluff | Pet Social Media

Hamilton the hipster cat

Instagram name: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

This fluffy little guy from San Francisco was once a feral cat and now loves cuddles more than anything. His rise in popularity came from his iconic and downright adorable moustache.

Cat Instagram | Follow | The Daily Fluff | Pet Social Media

Sam Has Eyebrows

Instagram name: @samhaseyebrows

Sam is the most concerned looking cat you will ever see. Another rescue cat based in New York, Sam has two black lines that look remarkably like eyebrows. It is glorious.

Cat Instagram | Follow | The Daily Fluff | Pet Social Media

Lil Bub

Instagram name: @iamlilbub

Bub is from Indiana US and was born with multiple genetic abnormalities that make her a special needs cat. This celebrity cat even has her own documentary Lil Bub & Friendz.

Cat Instagram | Follow | The Daily Fluff | Pet Social MediaSnoopy

Instagram name: @snoopybabe

Snoopy is from China and is also affectionately known as ‘pie face’ by his owner. This exotic shorthair started out as a show cat but found a larger audience on Instagram.

Cat Instagram | Follow | The Daily Fluff | Pet Social Media

The Daily Fluff Melbourne:

Instagram name: @dailyfluffmelb

Get the best of both worlds with the some of the best cats and dogs in Melbourne. You can also keep up to date with the latest pet news and events.

Follow here!

What are some of your favourite cat Instagrams? Comment and let us know below!

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“Oh no!” A Collection of Stories From Embarrassed Pet Owners

posted by The Daily Fluff December 16, 2016 0 comments

Cats and dogs aren’t the most elegant of creatures, and this results in moments where pet owners stop and think, “what ARE you doing?!” For those of you with stories that you love—or hate—to share with others, don’t worry, you’re not alone! The funny, the embarrassing and the just plain gross… read the stories below that will have you cringing, laughing and pointing fingers at your own oh so similar pet.


“Sometimes when I’m feeling a little cheeky, I like to find Mum or Dad and pretend I’m about to give them a big kiss and cuddle… and, as I’m face to face with them, I let out a huge burp! Yep that’s right, I can burp louder than most humans! Safe to say Mum and Dad are not impressed by it!”


“I know this looks bad Mum, but it was a code red emergency. Diesel’s ball was stuck under the couch
and you were out. We had to take matters into our own paws; just consider over turning the couch and shredding its base collateral damage. At least we got the ball..”


“I really enjoy eating number twos. Sometimes I sit behind other dogs and wait – it’s like a buffet restaurant! For some reason my parents always leave the dog park with a red face!”


“I’m not sure how I learnt this or where I picked up the habit from, but when I lift my leg to do number ones, sometimes number twos come out whilst my leg is cocked! Mum always laughs at me and I don’t get why!”


“There is nothing I hate more than missing out on the action. So, when the humans try to lock me in the living room every night, I’m determined to escape and wake them up by loudly meowing in their sleeping faces. Once, in an effort to keep me out of the bedroom, the humans started barricading the door with cases of wine (they drink far too much). However, they underestimated my strength, and I managed to move two cases of wine all on my own! The look on their faces was priceless… don’t mess with Freddie!” 😼


“Not long ago, Dad came home after staying at a friend’s place for the night. I ran to him and started to hump him. At this point, Dad didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!”
What embarrassing or funny stories do you have of your pet? Share your story in the comments below!

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Great Places In Melbourne To Get Active With Your Pets

posted by The Daily Fluff November 25, 2016 0 comments

There’s no other motivator in our lives greater than our dogs—well most dogs anyway! They love to run around, meet other pooches and explore the outdoors with their humans by their side.

Stuck deciding where to take your dog in these warmer months for some sunshine and a run around? We’ve compiled a list of some great places to get active with your pets in Melbourne.

Mathias Track:

Mathias track in the Dandenongs is a 3.5 km track to Silvan Road. It’s known for its ease to walk, as well as being dog, horse and mountain bike friendly!

Australian Shepherds Ziggy and Noodle love Mathias track, and say,

Us dogs have to be on leads, but it’s so pretty, who minds!

Saint Kilda Dog Beach:

Beach days are one of the best things about the warmer months, and the only thing that makes the trip better is when you can take your dog! There are different areas of Saint Kilda beach that allow dogs off leash, with lots of room for everyone to enjoy bonding at the beach with their pooch.

My favourite place to get active with mum in Melbourne would definitely be the Saint Kilda Dog Beach! Swimming is one of my favourite things to do and what a better way to do it than with lots of other doggie friends! Then a quick roll around in the sand of course, just to make the car extra dirty for mum on the way home. – Bentley the Newfoundland

Clayton Reserve:

Clayton Reserve, a dog park in Melbourne, is an off leash area for dogs, which is fenced off so you know your pooch is secure whilst exercising. The reserve is well known for its congregation of both social humans and dogs!

The Briars (Mount Martha):

If you’re visiting the Mornington Peninsula, within the Briars is “a large off leash area that is fenced off. There is a 2km track around and through the bush lands, perfect for us dogs to romp,” say Ziggy and Noodle!

Albert Park:

Despite the few excluded areas, most of the 226 hectare Albert Park permits dogs on leash, with a few sections allowing dogs to be off leash. This is a great way to get active with your pet and get them socialised with other pooches!

Coastal Track – Hampton and Black Rock:

Ziggy and Noodle also love the coastal track between Hampton and black rock! They say:

It’s close to good cafes for coffee for the human, and you can plan it to end at Sandringham Dog Beach for a swim!

What a great way to get some exercise, relax and cool down at the beach!

The Tan Track – Melbourne:

Miniature Dachshund siblings Biggie Smalls & Little Kim may only have three legs, but that doesn’t stop them from loving outdoor adventures! They say,

Every Saturday we run the Tan. It’s great because it’s got hills, slopes, grass and gravel! We like to race each other to see who is the fastest!

Where do you like to get active with your pets? Comment and share with us below!

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Benefits Of Pets In The Workplace

posted by The Daily Fluff October 10, 2016 0 comments

For most of us, the best thing about arriving home after work each day is being greeted by our furry friends. Playing catch or having some quality cuddle time is the best way to relax and de-stress after a long day at work.

However now you don’t have to spend your day wondering what mischief your pet is getting up to at home, or waiting for the clock to hit five so you can go home and spoil them with belly rubs anymore! Studies have shown that having pets in the workplace can actually be extremely beneficial!

Unconvinced? Here are the top benefits of having pets in the workplace:

Reduces stress and anxiety:

Anxiety is common in most workplaces. Even if you love your job, deadlines, meetings and time management can get to even the most zen of us!

Studies have shown that pet’s behaviour provokes laughter and entertainment, which is likely to reduce stress and feelings of depression. This is especially relieving in high-pressure corporate workplaces! Having something to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety is guaranteed to create a more productive and effective workplace.

Encourages physical activity:

Being stuck in the office, sitting down, sending emails all day definitely is not great for your health and wellbeing, that’s for sure. Even on the most beautiful summers days, we can feel obliged to stay inside while we’re at work.

Having pets in the office gives you the greatest excuse to get out and enjoy that sunshine! Leaving the office for even 15 minutes to walk the dog can be a great refresher and it can improve employee’s focus. Win/win!

Increases productivity:

Being happier, healthier, and less stressed at work can make a more productive team. Reduced stress in the workplace means that employees are less likely to take sick days and are more likely to enjoy their time at work.

Workplaces that are pet friendly have found that as office-pets create a more relaxed environment, they also boost creativity. Meaning that employees are more likely to be imaginative and productive.

If you’re seeking a bit more balance in your corporate life, we would definitely recommend asking your boss about introducing pet-friendly office days! Even if it’s just one day a week – like our friends at Jetpets, who have introduced Furbaby Friday at their workplace.

 I mean, who can resist a puppies’ face anyway?!

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10 Little Known Facts about Dogs

posted by The Daily Fluff September 7, 2016 0 comments

Although you may think that you know your canine companion pretty well, we’re about to test your knowledge with these 10 little-known facts about dogs.

How many of these facts do you know already?

10 little-known facts about dogs: 

  1. The duration of dog pregnancy is around 9 weeks — much shorter than human pregnancy!
  2. Ever wondered how your dog can eat all sorts of foods—or sometimes even inedible items — off of the floor? Dogs have roughly 1700 taste buds, all of which are on the tongue. On average, humans have around six times this amount.
  3. Despite similarities in appearances, hyenas and Tasmanian tigers (thylacines) aren’t part of the canine family.
  4. Consumption of cooked ham and ham bones can cause pancreatitis in dogs, which can be fatal.
  5. Some dog breeds actually have webbed toes. Some of these breeds include Newfoundlands, Golden Retrievers and Labradors.
  6. When a dog wags its tail, it might not mean it is happy. Tail wagging can also be a sign of other emotions such as anger or anxiety, so it’s important not to rely on tail wagging when trying to figure out a dog’s mood.
  7. It’s a myth that dogs are colour blind; they simply see colours differently to humans.
  8. A dog’s tongue actually curves underneath to scoop up water when it drinks. Dogs are unable to create suction or suck water up like humans and some other animals.
  9. Unlike other dog breeds, Basenjis cannot bark, and instead make a noise that is closer to a wine or a yodel.
  10. Seventy percent of people sign their pet’s name on greeting and holiday cards.

Have you got some other great facts about dogs? Comment and share what they are with us below!

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How to Groom Your Pet

posted by The Daily Fluff August 7, 2016 0 comments

Whether you’ve just got a new puppy or have had your furry friend for many years, you know the importance of grooming your pet to prevent shedding and matting.

However, while grooming your pet is a major part of its care, it can be difficult to know what type of pampering your pooch or cat might need. That’s why here at the Daily Fluff we’ve rounded up your top tips for grooming your pets:

Grooming cats:

If you’re a cat owner then you are lucky, they are pretty self-sufficient when it comes to grooming. Despite this, they still need a little bit of loving when it comes to pamper time. Grooming your cat will help regulate their body temperature, help prevent fur balls, as well as being a great excuse for cuddle-time (if they’ll allow it!)

Shorthair cats generally only need to be brushed about once a month – if that. If your kitty is particularly placid, use a bristle brush to sweep up from the tail in the direction of their head. This will bring any loose hairs to the surface. If they’re not so fond of grooming time, you can simply run a brush from head to tail, or use your fingers to brush away loose hairs.

Longhaired cats on the other hand, need to be groomed at least once a week. Longhairs are more likely to mat, which is no fun for anyone (trust us). As with shorthairs, brushing in the direction that is opposite to hair growth will release more of the fallen hairs. Take care in sensitive areas such as the underarms, as this hair is more likely to mat.

Grooming Dogs:

Dogs on the other hand, need a little more loving in the grooming department than cats. If you are able to groom your pup at home, then daily brushing is the way to go. This is super important for both dogs with fur and hair, as it will prevent shedding and mats developing.

If your dog sheds hair frequently, then a plastic grooming glove or brush is the best way to go. The fur sticks to the brush, which means that there is less clean up afterwards – win! If you’ve got a hypoallergenic pup, such as a Poodle, a double-sided brush with comb side, and a bristle side is perfect. This will help you fluff up the outer coat, and glide through the inner coat to help reduce mats.

Dogs can definitely be a bit more of a handful to groom, so we would recommend asking your local groomer or vet what specific beauty requirements your dog has. Remember, the best time to groom your pet is when they are feeling relaxed, so we would recommend after dinner, or just before bedtime. Keeping treats with you will help this process run as smoothly as possible!