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Christmas Gift Guide

posted by The Daily Fluff December 1, 2016 0 comments

We can’t believe it either! It’s almost Christmas time! This means backyard barbeques, time spent with family and friends, and most importantly, time to spoil your pets!

This year, forget about bones and chew toys, and really treat your pet with some great unique gifts we know they will simply love!

Here’s our 2016 Christmas gift guide!

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffDOGUE Bold Canvas Harness – $18.95 and Foxy Collars – from $24.95

Dogue’s fashion forward harnesses are a must have for any dog, whether they are a seasoned walker or love to travel in the car! These canvas harnesses come in four colours and are completely machine washable. Suitable for small to medium dogs.

foxy-mixedlow-resAnd of course any canine outfit isn’t complete without a collar! Fun, yet understated, these beautiful leather dog collars with Swarovski crystals will add a hint of playfulness. Handmade in Australia from the softest of New Zealand leather, they are sure to capture attention wherever you many roam.

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffKoly’s Christmas Hampers – $35:

If you truly want to treat your pup, then this is the hamper for you! Koly’s Christmas hampers are personalised for your small, medium or large dog, so you don’t need to worry about your Great Dane chewing through the entire hamper in seconds! There’s even a low fat option for those watching their weight through the Christmas period!

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffIdPet Personalised Gift Packs  – $34.95:

Show your pup you love them with one of these personalised gift packs from IdPet! Each personalised treat bag comes with a Christmas themed chew toy and treats. Our pick is the Yappy Christmas gift pack!

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffIdPet Cat Christmas Pack-$29.95:

Don’t forget your cat this Christmas! This personalised treat bag is great to store all of your kitty’s favourite toys or treats in! It also comes with a vibrating mouse toy, which we know they will love.

Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily Fluff

  1. Sweet Chops Bake at Home Gingerhound Kit – $13.95:

We know you’re thinking it too; Christmas is all about good food! Whether you’re a sweet tooth, or love to tuck into the savoury stuff, Christmas is always a good opportunity to get into the kitchen and test out your cooking skills! Sweet Chops Bake at Home Gingerhound Kit is great for those of you that want to make something for your pup to enjoy too!

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffDr Zoo Natural Zinc-Free Sun Cream – $19.50:

We’re fortunate in Australia to have a sunny Christmas, which means we can spend hours in the backyard, playing cricket after a BBQ lunch. We know how important it is to use sunscreen, and spend some time in the shade. It’s just as important for our pets to stay sun smart too! Dr Zoo’s Sun Cream is great for cats, dogs or horses that love spending time in the sun. The Sun Cream is completely edible, so you don’t have to worry about pets that love to lick!Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily Fluff

  1. Bonéfide Hoodies – $45 – $50:

If your fashion forward pup’s wardrobe is lacking, or if you’re just preparing for cool summers nights then Bonéfide’s hoodies are the perfect gift for your pup. These stylish hoodies are lightweight and made from natural cotton. Our favourites are the Willow Hoodie and the Paloma Hoodie.

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffFurry Peach Pet Bed – $79.95:

Furry Peach produces the most stylish pet beds we’ve probably ever seen! Time to get your pup off your expensive bedspread, and onto their own! We’re sure they won’t be able to resist these stylish designs.

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffFurry Peach Aromatherapy Toys –  $8.95:

Christmas is an exciting time for us all! If your pet is getting a bit too excited, then Furry Peach’s Aromatherapy toys are what you need! Whether your pet suffers from separation anxiety or is scared of thunderstorms these aromatherapy toys can work wonders! Packed with three types of dried lavender, these little toys will help calm even the most hyper pups!Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily Fluff

  1. Hachi Cooling Bandana – $34:

Now that it’s finally starting to heat up in Melbourne (about time!), it’s time we start thinking about how we can keep our pets cool in the warmer months. If your pet still loves to play outside in the hot weather, then Hachi’s Cooling Bandana is the perfect gift for them! Soak in cool water, squeeze out excess and secure around their neck to get some relief from the heat!

  1. Dog House Ice Cream Tub – $12:

There isn’t anything more satisfying than an ice cream on a warm December night! Don’t leave your dog out this Christmas, head down to Dog House and grab a single, box of 6 or a tub of dog-friendly ice cream! Trust us, they will love it!https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3958cfREwIzMjN0ZGZzS0RhUEk

  1. Melbourne Moonlight Cinemas Doggie Nights:

It’s important to take full advantage of Melbourne’s warm nights, while they’ll last! So why not grab some tickets to one of Moonlight Cinema’s doggie nights?!

Sit back, relax in the beautiful Botanic Gardens and enjoy a pet-related movie with your best fur-friend. Dogs are invited to join their owners at any screening, as long as they’re always on a lead and on their best behaviour.

Because we don’t want you to miss out on our Christmas Gift Guide fun, we’re giving away one of our amazing 12 days of gift picks, a gorgeous collar from Dogue! 🎉

To be in the running to win, visit us on Instagram before the 14th of December, to find out how you can go into the draw!

How are you planning on treating your pet this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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Fun Ways To Dress Up Your Pet

posted by The Daily Fluff September 8, 2016 0 comments

Admit it, you might play judgmental pet owner when you see a dog walking around in a nice knit sweater, but deep down you know that your dog would look adorable in one. Dressing up your pets doesn’t mean you have to go super OTT, it can be both practical and adorable too.

Unsure what to dress your pet in? Read on below for some great ideas…

Bow-collar and neckerchief:

For those of you who are new to the world of pet fashion, starting off with simple accessories is probably the way to go. A simple bow-collar, or neckerchief can be a great way to start.

Oliver the Cavoodle would definitely agree:

“When we have guests over or when I’m visiting friends, mum and I always open my box of neckerchiefs – it’s a white wooden Jack and Jill box with my name written on it – and we choose which neckerchief I’ll wear. My favourite brands are Toby Wigglebottom and Charlie and Bella“.

Sweaters and coats:

Keeping warm in the colder months can be difficult, especially for breeds like Sphynx cats and Chihuahuas. Sweaters or coats are a great way to combat the cold and the changing fashion trends. Most pet stores stock sizes down to extra small, meaning that they would definitely suit our feline friends too (if you can get them on them!)

Costume dressing:

Costume dressing is for those of us who completely and totally embrace the world of pet fashion. I mean, if you’re going to dress up, shouldn’t your furry friend be able to as well?

Not only will a costume make your pet look sassy-as-hell, it will also provide you with photos that will last a lifetime. With Halloween on the way, the internet is full of costumes for pets of every shape and size. No really, for every shape and size.

So whether you’re feeling conservative or festive, there are endless ways to spice up your pet’s wardrobe. If in doubt, why not let your pet decide?

We’d love to see your pet in their finest threads. Share your snaps with us on Instagram by tagging us @dailyfluffmelb