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New Year fireworks: tips for keeping your pets calm and areas to avoid

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Although New Years is celebrated worldwide, it can be quite the opposite affair for animals, with the loud parties, large groups and fireworks increasing levels of anxiety in certain pets. Although every animal can react differently, there are a few characteristics that can be quite common in anxious pets. These may include dogs barking, pacing, shaking and even chewing (or destroying) whatever is close to them.

To help ensure your pet doesn’t act out and is as safe, calm and as happy as possible, we have compiled a list of advice to implement over the New Year period.

What to do:

  • Don’t yell at your pet. If your pet is scared of fireworks, they will naturally come to you for help. By scolding at them for barking, jumping or chewing you can make them even more stressed and anxious.
  • Give them affection, but don’t overdo it. Pat them to keep them calm and treat them as you usually do, as too much attention may result in them thinking there really is something to be afraid of.
  • Put on some music or television that they are used to, to help calm them and cover up the other noises. Be sure there is nothing loud or scary on TV!
  • Bring them inside if possible and close the curtains to block out any visuals or frantic glances.
  • Take your dog for a walk, your horse for a ride or play with your cat during the day, so they are tired at night time and ready for a big sleep!
  • Give them a treat that may take a while to eat and some chew toys. This could include bones and Kong toys filled with treats.
  • In the weeks prior (or even begin months before in future years), play audio of fireworks your pet becomes used to the sounds and understand they are not a threat.
  • Ensure all your fences and gates are secure, as the ‘flight’ response may kick in when they are afraid. Also ensure they have an up to date tag on their collar and microchip just in case.
  • Make sure your pet has somewhere to hide, whether it is a kennel, blanket, small room or under a table.
  • If possible, having someone home with them will make them much calmer! Find out if any loved ones are looking for a relaxing night in if you’re unable to be home.
  • Buy a thunder jacket for your dog. They can be very calming!

Where to avoid taking your pet after dark:
Never take your pet to a firework display, even if you think they will be fine. If you’re unsure on where firework displays will be taking place, here are a few key areas that you should avoid taking your pet:

  • Large ovals
  • Beaches/lakes
  • Showgrounds
  • City and surrounds

Click here to see a list of large Melbourne events, or contact your local council for more details on what is happening in your local area.

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“Oh no!” A Collection of Stories From Embarrassed Pet Owners

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Cats and dogs aren’t the most elegant of creatures, and this results in moments where pet owners stop and think, “what ARE you doing?!” For those of you with stories that you love—or hate—to share with others, don’t worry, you’re not alone! The funny, the embarrassing and the just plain gross… read the stories below that will have you cringing, laughing and pointing fingers at your own oh so similar pet.


“Sometimes when I’m feeling a little cheeky, I like to find Mum or Dad and pretend I’m about to give them a big kiss and cuddle… and, as I’m face to face with them, I let out a huge burp! Yep that’s right, I can burp louder than most humans! Safe to say Mum and Dad are not impressed by it!”


“I know this looks bad Mum, but it was a code red emergency. Diesel’s ball was stuck under the couch
and you were out. We had to take matters into our own paws; just consider over turning the couch and shredding its base collateral damage. At least we got the ball..”


“I really enjoy eating number twos. Sometimes I sit behind other dogs and wait – it’s like a buffet restaurant! For some reason my parents always leave the dog park with a red face!”


“I’m not sure how I learnt this or where I picked up the habit from, but when I lift my leg to do number ones, sometimes number twos come out whilst my leg is cocked! Mum always laughs at me and I don’t get why!”


“There is nothing I hate more than missing out on the action. So, when the humans try to lock me in the living room every night, I’m determined to escape and wake them up by loudly meowing in their sleeping faces. Once, in an effort to keep me out of the bedroom, the humans started barricading the door with cases of wine (they drink far too much). However, they underestimated my strength, and I managed to move two cases of wine all on my own! The look on their faces was priceless… don’t mess with Freddie!” 😼


“Not long ago, Dad came home after staying at a friend’s place for the night. I ran to him and started to hump him. At this point, Dad didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!”
What embarrassing or funny stories do you have of your pet? Share your story in the comments below!

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Christmas Gift Guide

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We can’t believe it either! It’s almost Christmas time! This means backyard barbeques, time spent with family and friends, and most importantly, time to spoil your pets!

This year, forget about bones and chew toys, and really treat your pet with some great unique gifts we know they will simply love!

Here’s our 2016 Christmas gift guide!

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffDOGUE Bold Canvas Harness – $18.95 and Foxy Collars – from $24.95

Dogue’s fashion forward harnesses are a must have for any dog, whether they are a seasoned walker or love to travel in the car! These canvas harnesses come in four colours and are completely machine washable. Suitable for small to medium dogs.

foxy-mixedlow-resAnd of course any canine outfit isn’t complete without a collar! Fun, yet understated, these beautiful leather dog collars with Swarovski crystals will add a hint of playfulness. Handmade in Australia from the softest of New Zealand leather, they are sure to capture attention wherever you many roam.

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffKoly’s Christmas Hampers – $35:

If you truly want to treat your pup, then this is the hamper for you! Koly’s Christmas hampers are personalised for your small, medium or large dog, so you don’t need to worry about your Great Dane chewing through the entire hamper in seconds! There’s even a low fat option for those watching their weight through the Christmas period!

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffIdPet Personalised Gift Packs  – $34.95:

Show your pup you love them with one of these personalised gift packs from IdPet! Each personalised treat bag comes with a Christmas themed chew toy and treats. Our pick is the Yappy Christmas gift pack!

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffIdPet Cat Christmas Pack-$29.95:

Don’t forget your cat this Christmas! This personalised treat bag is great to store all of your kitty’s favourite toys or treats in! It also comes with a vibrating mouse toy, which we know they will love.

Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily Fluff

  1. Sweet Chops Bake at Home Gingerhound Kit – $13.95:

We know you’re thinking it too; Christmas is all about good food! Whether you’re a sweet tooth, or love to tuck into the savoury stuff, Christmas is always a good opportunity to get into the kitchen and test out your cooking skills! Sweet Chops Bake at Home Gingerhound Kit is great for those of you that want to make something for your pup to enjoy too!

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffDr Zoo Natural Zinc-Free Sun Cream – $19.50:

We’re fortunate in Australia to have a sunny Christmas, which means we can spend hours in the backyard, playing cricket after a BBQ lunch. We know how important it is to use sunscreen, and spend some time in the shade. It’s just as important for our pets to stay sun smart too! Dr Zoo’s Sun Cream is great for cats, dogs or horses that love spending time in the sun. The Sun Cream is completely edible, so you don’t have to worry about pets that love to lick!Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily Fluff

  1. Bonéfide Hoodies – $45 – $50:

If your fashion forward pup’s wardrobe is lacking, or if you’re just preparing for cool summers nights then Bonéfide’s hoodies are the perfect gift for your pup. These stylish hoodies are lightweight and made from natural cotton. Our favourites are the Willow Hoodie and the Paloma Hoodie.

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffFurry Peach Pet Bed – $79.95:

Furry Peach produces the most stylish pet beds we’ve probably ever seen! Time to get your pup off your expensive bedspread, and onto their own! We’re sure they won’t be able to resist these stylish designs.

  1. Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily FluffFurry Peach Aromatherapy Toys –  $8.95:

Christmas is an exciting time for us all! If your pet is getting a bit too excited, then Furry Peach’s Aromatherapy toys are what you need! Whether your pet suffers from separation anxiety or is scared of thunderstorms these aromatherapy toys can work wonders! Packed with three types of dried lavender, these little toys will help calm even the most hyper pups!Christmas | Pets | Gift Guide | Shopping | The Daily Fluff

  1. Hachi Cooling Bandana – $34:

Now that it’s finally starting to heat up in Melbourne (about time!), it’s time we start thinking about how we can keep our pets cool in the warmer months. If your pet still loves to play outside in the hot weather, then Hachi’s Cooling Bandana is the perfect gift for them! Soak in cool water, squeeze out excess and secure around their neck to get some relief from the heat!

  1. Dog House Ice Cream Tub – $12:

There isn’t anything more satisfying than an ice cream on a warm December night! Don’t leave your dog out this Christmas, head down to Dog House and grab a single, box of 6 or a tub of dog-friendly ice cream! Trust us, they will love it!https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3958cfREwIzMjN0ZGZzS0RhUEk

  1. Melbourne Moonlight Cinemas Doggie Nights:

It’s important to take full advantage of Melbourne’s warm nights, while they’ll last! So why not grab some tickets to one of Moonlight Cinema’s doggie nights?!

Sit back, relax in the beautiful Botanic Gardens and enjoy a pet-related movie with your best fur-friend. Dogs are invited to join their owners at any screening, as long as they’re always on a lead and on their best behaviour.

Because we don’t want you to miss out on our Christmas Gift Guide fun, we’re giving away one of our amazing 12 days of gift picks, a gorgeous collar from Dogue! 🎉

To be in the running to win, visit us on Instagram before the 14th of December, to find out how you can go into the draw!

How are you planning on treating your pet this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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Great Places In Melbourne To Get Active With Your Pets

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There’s no other motivator in our lives greater than our dogs—well most dogs anyway! They love to run around, meet other pooches and explore the outdoors with their humans by their side.

Stuck deciding where to take your dog in these warmer months for some sunshine and a run around? We’ve compiled a list of some great places to get active with your pets in Melbourne.

Mathias Track:

Mathias track in the Dandenongs is a 3.5 km track to Silvan Road. It’s known for its ease to walk, as well as being dog, horse and mountain bike friendly!

Australian Shepherds Ziggy and Noodle love Mathias track, and say,

Us dogs have to be on leads, but it’s so pretty, who minds!

Saint Kilda Dog Beach:

Beach days are one of the best things about the warmer months, and the only thing that makes the trip better is when you can take your dog! There are different areas of Saint Kilda beach that allow dogs off leash, with lots of room for everyone to enjoy bonding at the beach with their pooch.

My favourite place to get active with mum in Melbourne would definitely be the Saint Kilda Dog Beach! Swimming is one of my favourite things to do and what a better way to do it than with lots of other doggie friends! Then a quick roll around in the sand of course, just to make the car extra dirty for mum on the way home. – Bentley the Newfoundland

Clayton Reserve:

Clayton Reserve, a dog park in Melbourne, is an off leash area for dogs, which is fenced off so you know your pooch is secure whilst exercising. The reserve is well known for its congregation of both social humans and dogs!

The Briars (Mount Martha):

If you’re visiting the Mornington Peninsula, within the Briars is “a large off leash area that is fenced off. There is a 2km track around and through the bush lands, perfect for us dogs to romp,” say Ziggy and Noodle!

Albert Park:

Despite the few excluded areas, most of the 226 hectare Albert Park permits dogs on leash, with a few sections allowing dogs to be off leash. This is a great way to get active with your pet and get them socialised with other pooches!

Coastal Track – Hampton and Black Rock:

Ziggy and Noodle also love the coastal track between Hampton and black rock! They say:

It’s close to good cafes for coffee for the human, and you can plan it to end at Sandringham Dog Beach for a swim!

What a great way to get some exercise, relax and cool down at the beach!

The Tan Track – Melbourne:

Miniature Dachshund siblings Biggie Smalls & Little Kim may only have three legs, but that doesn’t stop them from loving outdoor adventures! They say,

Every Saturday we run the Tan. It’s great because it’s got hills, slopes, grass and gravel! We like to race each other to see who is the fastest!

Where do you like to get active with your pets? Comment and share with us below!

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Signs You’re The Best ‘Purr-ent’

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Here at The Daily Fluff, we like to treat our pets as if they are a part of our family! Whether you like to pamper your pet with their favourite treats, or just love and affection, you know that no matter what, to them you’re the best human in the world.

Here’s a list of reasons The Daily Fluff thinks you’re the best ‘purr-ent’ out there!

You look after their health:

Like us, our pets probably aren’t feeling their best without yummy, nutritious food and some exercise! Trust us, your dog thinks you’re the best person on earth when you grab their favourite ball and have a game of catch. Keeping your pets active, keeps them happy!

When it comes to their physical health, you know what’s best, that’s why you take them to the vet, regardless of how much they don’t want to go!

You show them affection:

It’s important to show your fur babies how much you really love them. Set aside some time every day to pamper your cat or dog with love and affection. Whether this is some quality belly rub time, or just some cuddles, this fosters an emotional connection between you and your pet, and it shows them that you love them as much as they love you!

You let them hang out with their friends:

Socialisation is so important for pups! If your dog is an only (fur)child, make sure that every now and then you take them out to a dog park so they can interact with other dogs. Not only will your pup love making new friends, it will teach them important lessons.

They get super-dooper excited to see you:

You know your pet really loves you when they get excited every single time you walk back through the front door. There is nothing nicer then being greeted with pure happiness everyday when you get home! Whether your dog runs around in circles, or your cat rubs against your legs, this their way of showing you that they are glad to see you.

They treat you like you’re part of the pack:

This is how you know your pet truly believes you’re the best parent out there!

It’s natural for animals to cuddle up when they’re having naps, so this is why they might try and sneak into your bedroom in the middle of the night.

If they’re feeling playful, they might even try and give you a sneaky love-bite! If they give you a little nibble on the chin, or on your fingers, they are trying to tell you that they love being in your pack, and that you’re the ultimate purrent!

Our Insta-friend Bentley said

My mum is the best purrent because when she comes home from work after leaving me by myself all day she makes up for it with endless cuddles and kisses! She also puts up with my fussy eating habits and doesn’t get angry when I don’t eat my food!

How does your pet show you they love you? Leave us a comment down below!

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5 Dog Friendly Beaches in Melbourne

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Sun, sand, surf and snapping at seafoam. You know who loves where that kind of alliteration leads? Your best furry friend!

Here in Melbourne we’re lucky enough to boast a large selection of dog-friendly beaches. The following are our top picks:

1. Brighton Dog Beach:

Down in St Kilda there’s room for all sorts, from dachshunds to great danes, in the fenced-off area specifically designed for pups to run rampant in. Feel free to use the time to sidle up to the owner of your pup’s doppleganger and make a new friend. The dog’s area at Brighton Beach is a super social scene, don’t forget to treat yourself to a seaside salted caramel gelato while you’re there!

2. Safety Beach:

Head down to the famous Safety Beach on the Mornington Peninsula for fun in the sun of all kinds.  Slip, slop, slap this spring and summer and get some salt in your hair, and your pets! Safety beach is open year round with no leash restrictions so head down this weekend.

3. Altona Beach:

Burns reserve down in Altona boasts one of the largest, best dog-friendly beaches local to Melbourne. While there are a lot of kiteboarders hanging out around the water, one can still let their pups off leash and roll around in the sand.

4. Port Melbourne Beach:

Just five kilometres west of the CBD you’ll find Port Melbourne Beach, which is our furry friend Monty’s favourite place to go.

“I have the time of my life at my most favourite place, Port Melbourne Beach. I love playing in the water and doing  zoomies in the sand, I love life!”

The palm-lined shore front presents the perfect setting for an afternoon of play with your favourite pup.

5. Clayton Reserve:

Head over to North Melbourne toward the Clayton Reserve for a Sunday romp with rover. The picturesque setting and abundance of other furry friends will ensure a relaxing weekend rendezvous. Take a picnic if you like, and let your pup enjoy the sun and sand.

What better way to spend a spring summer weekend in Australia than out and about with your favourite hound?

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Top Tips for Photographing Your Pet

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Hands up if your camera roll is filled with pics of your pets (guilty as charged)! Capturing cute pictures of your fur-babies has become even easier in the age of the smartphone and with a few great tips you’ll be photographing your favourite furry friend like a pro in no time!

Here are our tips on how to get that Insta-worthy pic:

Use natural light:

We’ve all taken photos with the flash on before and we all know – it’s not so pretty.

Ollie and Oscar prefer to be photographed in natural lighting when possible:

“If you’ve seen our Instagram you would know that we like to think of ourselves as professional models, but really it’s all about natural lighting”

We would suggest scheduling a photo shoot early in the morning, or in the afternoon. Afternoon light is diffused which means that it’s sure to flatter your pet. Try and avoid taking photos in bright sunlight, as it’s not as flattering and isn’t too kind on your pet’s eyes.

Patience makes perfect:

Let’s be honest, although they might be some of the cutest models, our pets definitely aren’t the most focused. Capturing a cute snap of your pet isn’t going to be as easy as snapping a few pictures with your friends on the weekend, that’s for sure.

Patience is key when it comes to pet photography. Don’t expect to grab the perfect shot straight off the bat. It might take 10 to 15 minutes to get a good shot of your pet, so be willing to invest some quality time!

Get on their level:

We all have our good and not so good angles, like when you open up front-facing camera unexpectedly (we’ve all been there)! No matter how big or small your furry friend is, make sure you get on their level to grab the best snap.

Always be prepared:

Luckily, most of us walk around with a camera in our pocket 24/7, so we can be prepared to whip our phones out at any second to grab a candid snap of our pets.

Sometimes spontaneous photos can be the best, so get your camera out when you’re playing catch, when your kitty is staring longingly out of the window, or when you’ve just come home with a fresh pack of your pet’s favourite treats.

The natural moments are sometimes the most precious!

Create a relaxing environment:

If you want to get the best out of your pet, make sure they’re feeling happy and relaxed.

Our friend George says that a relaxing environment is the key to a successful photo shoot:

“Let me fill you in on a secret to get a great photo. Always remember that I need to feel safe and comfortable so that I can relax”

Scheduling an Insta-shoot after your pets’ just woken up from a nap, or after a walk or play will produce the best results.

Play some tug-of-war or catch with your pet will get their blood pumping and create like-worthy smiles.

Bribes, lots of bribes:

I mean if you can get your pet to pose perfectly without bribing them with some treats then you’re one lucky pet-parent!

Lulu and Finn know it’s photo time when their pawrents get out their favourite toys:

“The humans think we don’t notice the camera when they dangle our toy mice above it (silly humans)!”

Grab your pet’s favourite toy or treat and hold it above the camera to capture their attention. Most animals will do anything for a slice of cheese, so using bribes is definitely a great way to get their attention!

Of course, don’t forget to shower them with treats and cuddles after you grab the winning snap.

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.
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Introducing Pawshake

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Whether for work or play, trips away can be bittersweet for pet lovers. It’s not always possible to take our pets with us when we go away, and on these occasions we need to think about where they will stay and who will look after them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was an online community of trusted pet lovers on standby to look after your furry friends? Oh wait, there is!

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Image credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Introducing Pawshake:

Pawshake is a community for pet minders and owners. It began in 2010 in Belgium, currently operates in over 17 countries worldwide and was started in Australia in 2014.

Pawshake essentially is a go-to hub through which pet minders and owners can meet, greet and trust that the services received will be of the best quality. Through the Pawshake’s website users can either find or become pet minders, which means that pets can be left in the comfort of their own home with a friendly, reliable visitor checking in a few times a day during the duration of their owner’s absence.

Pawshake’s pet sitters not only feed and walk your furry friend, they also keep them company and make sure everything is okay while you are away. It certainly solves the problem of a post cat motel hissyfit being thrown in the front seat of your car on the way home!

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Image credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Other services:

However Pawshake isn’t only for the vacation bound! The business also offers services such as doggy day care for those who hate leaving their pup alone while they’re at the office or having a super busy day. Interested pet owners can search for doggy day care services in their area and minders can be charged with the responsibility of getting the puppy to and from the doggy day care. Otherwise, owners can organise this part and do a drop-off and pick­ up. There are countless options for everyone!

Sarah Gaul, Pawshake’s Community Manager explains, “We have thousands of users Australia-wide, and all our sitters are vetted and verified before appearing on the site. Owners can read all about the sitters and their experience, as well as reviews from other pet owners, on their customised Pawshake Sitter profile. Our sitters are from a huge array of backgrounds and professions – we have vets, vet nurses, retirees, pet groomers, professionals, people who work from home and students, to name a few.”

The best part? When you’ve found your perfect match to look after your pooch, you can refer back to your favourite minder. If a dog or cat had a particularly great experience with a minder, owners can book their services again creating even more peace of mind for your furry favourites.

Minders are also encouraged to check in and build rapport with owners by communicating and sending photographs and updates through text to ensure you have peace of mind throughout the whole process! So both you and your furred pal don’t have to worry about not coping without them.

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Image credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Want to hear from Pawshake pet sitters and owners?

“Pawshake is great for me as a freelancer – I’m not in a position to own a pet, but I still get much-need pet interaction with my daily dog walking and house visit clients.  It’s fabulous extra income, and the app and website are really easy to navigate. I feel like a surrogate owner to a lot of my fur-clients – the job is super rewarding!” – From a Pet Sitter (Kate, Sydney)

“My partner and I stumbled across Pawshake about a year ago, when a friend from the dog park recommended it. We have been really nervous to leave our 9-month-old French Bulldog, Stanley, in a kennel or boarding facility, so Pawshake was the perfect solution. We found Jack through the website and had a meet and greet so we could see if he and Stanley got along, and Jack was amazing with him! Both my partner and I travel for work, and we’ve left Stanley at Jack’s house a few times now and he’s always very well cared for. Jack sends us daily updates, and it’s much cheaper than kennels.” -From a Pet owner (John, Melbourne)

To register as a sitter or as a pet owner, users can simply go to www.pawshake.com.au and create a profile. Pawshake also provides 24 hour phone and online support for sitters and owners and offers a great and accessible app! Do you have questions or want to know more? Email info@pawshake.com.au and one of their managers will get back to you shortly!


4 Ways to Spoil Your Pet Today

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We LOVE our pets, and we love to spoil them – which is why we’ve rounded up our four favourite ways to spoil your furry-friend today!

Find out what they are below.


Admit it, you totally like to spoil yourself with your favourite dessert every now and then and let me tell you, our pets love being spoiled with food just as much! Try swapping out your pet’s usual food for something a bit extra special.

Another great idea is to try making your own dog or cat food. You can make a large quantity and freeze it to bring out on special occasions to surprise your fur-baby.

Toys and playtime:

If you’ve got a ball-crazy dog then you know how much they just love playing catch. Sure, throwing the ball 50 times in a row can get a little boring, but you know your dog absolutely loves it.

Don’t forget our feline friends either! Grab your cat’s favourite toy and really invest in a good exercise session. This will keep their mind and body active, as well as acting as some great boding time for the two of you!


If there is one thing that dogs love, it’s exploring new places! Treat your dog by taking them for a walk to a new dog park, or even a dog friendly beach!

If you’re up for a more relaxing day then you could take your dog to a dog friendly café and relax with a latte while your pup explores.

Volli the Dachshund loves going to new places:

“I know I have little legs, but I can keep up with you – don’t you worry. All those smells and trees to pee on, it’s like an amusement park for my senses!”


Well, maybe this one is a treat for us too. One sure way to spoil your pet is to give them all of the love and attention they need!

Volli has explained this perfectly:

“When you are home, just let me hang out with you – all the time. You are my best friend and being by your side is happiness.”

What are your favourite ways to spoil your pet? Share with us below!

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Top 5 Walks In And Around Melbourne To Take Your Pet on This Weekend

posted by The Daily Fluff September 11, 2016 0 comments

Melbourne dog­ owners, rejoice! We’ve compiled the top five walks to take your dog on in and around our glorious city this weekend. If you’re bored of the same old walking tracks and scenery then this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

You and your pooch can head up the promenade and play in the sand, or hop in the car and go mountain-side. Most of these areas are off-leash (with the exceptions of nature reserves). We also took the liberty of getting advice for the weekend walk straight from the dog’s mouth! We contacted social media stars Lenny and Bentley to find out where their favourite walks are located.

Read on to find some inspiration for your next weekend adventure!

1. The Olinda Creek walking track ­(dogs allowed on­ leash)

Your dog can lock in some much ­needed face-­in­-the­-breeze­-lean-­out­-the-­window time as you head up to the Dandenong ranges this weekend and check out the gorgeous Olinda creek walking track. It’s a 10 kilometre return walk, rated easy to moderate, through the Silvan Reservoir and boasts stunning views of natural reserved habitat, eucalyptus trees and bright green mossy areas abound.

The fresh air and break from the city humdrum will leave you and your pooch feeling refreshed and once again in tune with nature. As it is a reserve, dogs will need to remain on leash, but that’s a small price to pay to let them snuffle through the undergrowth and feel those animal instincts once more!

2. The Upper Yarra Reservoir Park ­(dogs allowed on leash)

Situated around the highest point of the Yarra river accessible to the public, the Upper Yarra Reservoir park is a full­ on weekend getaway ready for the taking. Dogs must remain on ­leash but are welcomed as camping compatriots should you feel like pitching a tent or bringing a caravan and going grounding this weekend. Get back to your roots, pack a few picnics and some warm clothes and comfortable shoes. The Upper Yarra Reservoir park is an absolute gem and home to the beautiful Batt’s Creek track. Don’t forget to check out the various lookouts to see water gushing back down toward Melbourne and watch the drool form on your dog’s face as he imagines gleefully jumping down into the splashing surrounds.

3. West Beach in St Kilda ­(allows dogs off leash all year round)

Beside St Kilda pier and continuing on to Sandridge St, St Kilda’s West Beach is one of the most accessible dog beaches in Melbourne. With gorgeous harbour views and a smattering of beach side cafes to refresh owners and pets alike, this beach is a surefire way to release the hounds and any pent-up energy they may be feeling from the past week.

Let your pooch run wild, chase seagulls and dig excitedly through the sand to uncover all things curious. The shallow water means dogs will enjoy a quick dip and paddle. Winter won’t stop the curiosity in your pup as he  to she watches the tiny shoreside fish darting in and about under the surface!

4. Birdlands Reserve, West Belgrave ­(allows dogs)

Tucked away in secluded Belgrave South, the Birdlands Nature reserve is the perfect weekend walking track for pets and owners. It is a native animal reserve, so your pup will have to remain on leash, but the pay­off in seeing the myriad native flora and fauna (and even Platypus!) is worth it. You and your dog can get some fresh air and exercise and breathe in the delicious scents of native wattle and bottlebrush along this easy, flat walking track.

5. Inverleigh Flora Reserve ­(allows dogs on leash)

The Inverleigh Flora Reserve is a bit of a drive, located 27km west of Geelong on the Geelong ­Hamilton road, and is cared for by volunteers. This pretty reserve is home to a huge array of native species of flora and might even be a great space to spot a few native blue­banded bees! Your puppy might attempt to snap at a few of the flying insects so be sure to keep a leash handy. This walk is 9km long and pretty ‘out bush’ with no public facilities around. You will have to be sure to bring enough food and water to last you and your pup and take a few rest breaks. However, the reserve boasts over 50 species of native orchid and there have even been reported koala sightings so it’s not to be missed!

If you’re still after more of the outdoors after visiting these beautiful places, the Daily Fluff has got the inside scoop from some of our favourite influencers.

Instafamous pooch Bentley says:

“Two of my favourite spots to go for a walk is Lilydale Lake in Lilydale and The Retarding Basin in Boronia! Both have big grassy off leash areas that allows me run around and make new doggy friends! As well as lots of water for me to swim in if I need to cool down!”

And the adorable Lenny can’t get enough of the beach:

“One of my favourite walking spots is along Brighton Beach. Dogs like me are allowed to be off leash along the beach at all hours between March to November and from 7:30pm-­10am during the warmer parts of the year. I love running along the sand, splashing in the water, exploring the rocks and letting tourists take happy snaps of me!”

Do you have a favourite weekend walking spot around Melbourne? Comment below and let us know!