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8 Signs Your Pet Loves You

posted by The Daily Fluff December 31, 2017 0 comments

Ever wonder what your pet really thinks about you or if they are just using you for food? We pour so much love into our four-legged best friend. While they can’t say ‘I love you’ there are other, sometimes bizarre, ways in which they show their affection.

In preparation for Valentine’s Day here is a list of the many ways our pets show their love:

  1. They bring you ‘presents’:

Although not what you’d normally put on your wish list, it is always the thought that counts. Cats are natural predators, so in leaving the odd dead mouse or bird for you, they are either teaching you how to hunt or showing off their abilities. Either way it’s a loving gesture.

Dog’s bred for hunting will do this as well as it also shows they are a top dog!

  1. Snuggles:

If your dog likes to sleep in your bed and cuddle with you then it is a big sign that they like you. Especially after feeding time or in the morning when their motives aren’t food related.

Cats like warm and safe places to sleep, that is mostly your lap and sometimes, for inexplicable reasons, your head.

  1. Tail wagging:

Body language is an excellent way of reading your pet’s mood. When a dog is wagging their tail or their ears are lifted it is safe to say your pup is happy that you are around.

The tail is also a useful tool for reading cats. The word is if a cat’s tail is up and twitches a little that cat is sending off friendly vibes.

  1. Hanging out and following you:

If you’ve ever wondered why your pet follows you around the house or waits for you outside the bathroom, it’s simply because they enjoy your company. Dogs are pack animals and love being around family.

While cats are notoriously independent they are not above seeking company as well.

  1. Eye contact and kitty winks:

Did you know that when your cute kitty winks at you or squints they are saying ‘you’re alright?!’ It’s like a stamp of approval that shows that they trust you.

Dogs are less complicated. Sometimes all you need to do is make brief eye contact with a pooch and they are bounding over to you with a goofy look on their face.

  1. Showing their belly:

When cats show their belly to you it is a sign that they trust you. If you’ve ever had a cat scratch you when giving their tum a little rub they say it’s because it’s a breach of their trust.

On the other hand, most dogs love having their belly scratched. A dog rolls over as a sign of trust as well, but they may just want to scratch a place they can’t reach.

  1. Playing:

Playing catch or tug-of-war with your pup is a good way to strengthen your bond. There’s no harm in a bit of roughhousing as well if it doesn’t go too far. It shows that your dog likes having fun with you!

But it’s not just dogs! Cat’s love playing with their owners as well! A curled tail usually means they are in a playful mood so it’s time to bring out the toys!

  1. The big welcome home:

It’s one of the more obvious signs when you come home and your furry best friend is nearly knocking over furniture in their excitement to see you. They may spring down the hall, rub against your legs, and then pretend they never cared you left.

What are some signs your pet loves you? Comment below.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Yours vs Your Pets

posted by The Daily Fluff December 28, 2016 0 comments

Sometimes you and your pet don’t quite meet eye to eye. You want them to go to their bed, they want to sleep in your bed; you want to eat your food, they want the food for themselves. The list goes on and on, but if it came down to it, what habit would your pet want to start—or stop—in the New Year, and what would YOU want?!

You want… (Or need) to stop buying your pets so many presents. Treats, clothing and toys for your pet are your weakness—so pretty much every category. It would all be well and good if you didn’t already have so much for them at home!

They want… everything. Seriously, everything is a game to them, and they love games! They don’t care if it’s theirs, your child’s or if it belongs to the dog next door, if your pet had it their way they would have everything they wanted!

You want… as much as you don’t want your pet to know, the vet (and relatives) keep making comments about your pet’s weight. You love spoiling them, but their stomachs are nearly touching the floor, and they barely fit into their festive sweaters. New Year, new feed?

They want… food, food and more food. If your pet was a person they would eat all the delicious food all day, every day. If your pet had it their way, they would be rolling—literally—in every type of food they lay their eyes on, and it would probably be mostly yours. Even if it was just for one day, your pet’s New Year’s wish would probably be to swap food habits with you!

My New Year;s resolution is to stop jumping with excitement when visitors arrive, and to get more of my human’s delicious food instead of my own! – George the French Bulldog.

You want… to set more boundaries. All of your black clothes are covered in fur, but how can you move your cute kitty when it has nestled into your pajama drawer and is already asleep? It doesn’t even stop there! You always tell yourself that when you get a new couch you will stop letting your bear of a dog on it, but three couches later he is still there. Maybe next year?

They want… your bed, your couch and all your clothes. They want to sleep on them, eat on them and roll in them whenever they want to without getting scolded for covering them in fur and scratches. Maybe if you ask nicely they’ll share!

You want… to spend more quality time with your pet. More walks, more play and more attention in general.

They want… the same really, more time with you! In fact, they would love for you to quit your job, your hobbies and never leave the house—or them—again, not even for a minute!

You want… to finally finish training your dog not to bark unnecessarily. You know practice makes perfect, but after a few days of being a great, consistent trainer, you end up slowing down until your law enforcement is literally nonexistent. You can deal with the occasional yapping to the neighbours when you’re home, but you’re always worried about what your dog gets up to when you’re not home.

They want… to talk to everyone ALL the time. Your pet loves to talk to you, your neighbour, your neighbours cat, the postman—who always seems to run away for some reason?—and sometimes even to the flying things in the sky. Talking is so much fun and your pet can’t wait to do even more in the New Year!

What New Year’s resolutions do you have for you and your pet, and would they agree? Let us know in the comments below!