Dog events popping up in Melbourne

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Pooches and pints? Movies about dogs? Truffle hunting? Doggy degustation? We’ve got all grounds covered with these four events popping up in Melbourne over the next few weeks!

Top Dog Film Festival

The Top Dog Film Festival will be held over two days in Melbourne. The program explores the incredible connection between humans and their dogs. The screening features over two hours of the most inspirational, heart-warming and entertaining films from independent film makers around the globe. You’d be barking mad to miss it!

Village Crown Cinemas – Tuesday 31 July (6:30pm – 8:40pm)

To book tickets, click here!

Astor Theatre – Wednesday 1 August (7:30pm – 9:30pm)

To book tickets, click here!

Exclusive Doggy Truffle Hunt

The day begins with a dog-friendly chauffeur ride for you and your furry friend to the picturesque Daylesford region. There you will spend the day doing truffle tastings, hunts, a doggy treasure hunt, and indulging in a picnic morning tea and three course truffle inspired lunch! You’ll receive a sparkling wine on arrival, and a guided tour of the orchard. The pooches will be pampered to a massage and movie while you eat lunch and will get to take home a doggy bag full of personalised treats! The July hunts are all sold out, with only a few spots remaining for the August hunts on 4th August and 11th August.

Get in quick – this is an event you won’t want to miss! For more details, visit https://gourmetpawprints.com.au/truffle-hunts/

K9 Natural Bone Appetit Doggy Degustation

Brunch or pooch? Why not both?! K9 Natural Dog Food Company has teamed up with Greenfields Albert Park to create Melbourne’s first dog-friendly degustation menu. Fancy pooches, oooo! Melburnians are invited to pop down and receive a complementary dine in or takeaway meal for their furry friend from the bespoke doggy menu when they dine in or takeaway at the venue. Bone Appetit will run Friday to Sunday from 27th July until 19th August.

Greenfields Albert Park – 27 July – 19 August (8am – 4pm)

Good Dogs of Darebin

On the third Wednesday of every month, the good folks at Good Dog Behaviour & Training and Welcome To Thornbury are celebrating pooches and puppers everywhere with Good Dogs of Darebin. Featuring at this month’s market are; Good Dog Behaviour & Training, Forever Friends Animal Rescue, and PAWDinkum. There’ll also be food trucks galore, so bring your furry friend and a blanket for a great night out!

Welcome To Thornbury – Wednesday 18 July (5pm – 9pm)

We hope to see you at some of these events across Melbourne over the next few weeks! Stay tuned too to find out about more events coming up!

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The best dog-friendly cafés in Melbourne

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Is there anything better than starting your weekend off with some quality time in the company of your furry friend? We didn’t think so! Many cafés in Melbourne aren’t pooch friendly though…sad face. We’ve put together a list of some cafés that let those with two legs…and four legs in for a coffee!

Serotonin Eatery – 52 Madden Grove, Burnley

The courtyard of this bright little café is dog friendly, so you can bring your pooch to brunch! Albeit, the courtyard is quite small so it’s best suited for small-medium sized pups. Serotonin do give you the option of taking a picnic basket to the park across the road though, so on a sunny day it’d be a perfect spot for your furry friend!

The Dog Café – 120 Boronia Road, Boronia

This Boronia café is a haven for furry friends and their hoomans. They’ve got coffee for the two-legged creatures and puppacinos for the four-legged. You can even spoil your furbabies with a treat or two – they’ve got donuts, cake pops and more! They even host doggie birthday parties!

Patch Café – 1/32 Bendigo Street, Richmond

Patch is a paleo inspired café serving locally sourced foods to the health conscious. It’s located in a transformed warehouse space in Richmond and is open 7 days a week. Pet owners will be delighted to know that the undercover outdoor area is pet friendly!

The Farm Café – 18 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford

If you’ve got little ones, a visit here would be the perfect day out as the café is located in the gorgeous surrounds of the Collingwood Children’s Farm! The café loves having furry visitors – they even have an Instagram account dedicated to dogs at the farm! Check it out! – https://www.instagram.com/dogsofthefarmcafe/

Cornerstone & Co. – 75 Ludstone Street, Hampton

Cornerstone & Co. is a Japanese Italian fusion café located in the leafy back streets of Hampton. Pups are welcome in the cosy courtyard out the back. There’s even heaters to keep everyone warm!

Have you visited any of these spots before? Which ones are your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! Happy brunching!


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3 DIY Tips To Look After Your Pet On A Hot Summer’s Day

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The summer heat can be pretty uncomfortable for humans. But think how much more uncomfortable it is for our furry little friends. They are sweltering under all that fur and hair, so it is very easy for them to become over heated and dehydrated. That’s where you come in!

If you are struggling to come up with ways to keep your pet cool, that’s not a problem! Here are some creative ways you can keep your pet cool over the summer!

  1. Water Park:

Your dog (or fearless feline) will love splashing around your back yard in their very own water park! Simply visit your local store and purchase a kid-sized pool to fill water in. Your pet will run around like a maniac without feeling worn out! Even if they don’t like water much, you can splash water on them to help them cool down. Or if you prefer, grab out your hose and give them a nice, relaxing shower. If you have a sprinkler, pull it out and connect it up so that your crazy caper can run around through the water!

  1. Ice Treats:

This easy, fun and, yes, even yummy idea will have your pet rolling over with delight! Nice, cold ice treats are great for being so effective and you can use them again and again! There are plenty of ways you can give ice treats to your pet. Grab some small ice blocks out of your fridge and scatter them across the floor. Your pet will love chasing them around the house while keeping them cool at the same time. If your pet loves sweet treats, look up the many easy-to-follow recipes online, from fruit flavoured snacks to doggie ice-cream!

  1. Give Them Shade:

If your pet likes to be outside, whether they run around or have a nice nap, then they will definitely get hot quick. Shade will not only help them stay out of the blistering sun and becoming overheated, but they’ll be protected from hot concrete that can damage their paws. If you have an outdoor umbrella, pop it up and have your pet sprawl out underneath with a chilled bowl of water. If you don’t have an outdoor umbrella, pop up some smaller ones and place them on the ground or in flower pots so your pet can be protected wherever they go. Or you can pop up a tent and your pet can go on camping without leaving their back yard!

These DIY methods are so easy to follow that you won’t have to worry about your pet being overheated. They will be the coolest pet around!

What are some ways you keep your pet cool during the summer? Comment below and let us know!

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3 Pet Friendly Wineries To Explore Now

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If you’re looking for the perfect puppy ­friendly weekend getaway look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 pet ­friendly wineries to explore around the Melbourne area. With truffle gardens, vineyards, historical houses. award winning wines to taste­ and cosy pet­ friendly accommodation, you and your pooch are in for a relaxing getaway!

1. The Burnham Beeches Estate:

The Burnham Beeches Estate in Dandenong offers a fabulous Thursday doggie winery tour exploring their gorgeous winery. Enjoy winding walks down the mountainside with beautiful views, and let the cool mountain air invigorate your senses. The winery also boasts a restaurant (with a private wine tasting!) featuring the palatable creations of famous chef Shannon Bennett. This historic property also features vegetable gardens filled with delicious savoury treats and a truffle orchard! Explore the Alfred Nicholas Memorial gardens and find your way down to the garden games. The Burnham Beeches estate offers croquet and lawn bowls for recreational purposes.

There is a limit to two dogs per person. You can find more information regarding Thursday Doggie Winery Tours on the Gourmet PawPrints website here.

2. Daylesford Cider:

This dog ­friendly venue is located in the picturesque town of Daylesford, about 2hrs out of Melbourne. At Daylesford Cider they produce original craft ciders from home­grown organic apples.

Daylesford Cider is home to the Tavern a gorgeous country­ style restaurant with a delicious menu. In winter the restaurant boasts a menu of hot soups and pot pies and in summer the pizza oven is lit up for wood­fired pizzas. Daylesford Cider also offers summertime garden games of Jenga and Bocce.

If you’re planning an overnight trip, book into the Daylesford Country Cottages Pet Friendly Spa cottages to ensure both you and your pooch have a lovely warm place to rest your weary legs after a long day exploring the venue.

For more information you can check out the Daylesford Cider company website here.

3. Pierrepoint Winery in Tarrington:

This family owned and operated winery located in Tarrington, specialises in Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. While the Pierrepoint Winery also offer a range of white wines, their award-winning reds have caused a stir in the industry due to the rich tapestry of fruity notes lilting up through the tastebuds of consumers.

The winery offers B&B style accommodation and with a large menagerie of pets looked after by the owners, is also dog ­friendly! The site boasts a historical home built in the 1900’s, breathtaking garden views and a charming cellar­door restaurant with a cozy atmosphere where one (or a party of several!) can enjoy wine tastings and delicious meals throughout the day and evening.

To find out more visit the Pierrepoint Winery Company website here.

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The Dog Café

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Any foodie in Melbourne loves exploring to find the latest and greatest cafés. Every weekend is a new adventure to seek out all the smashed avo and coffee options. However, no adventure would be complete without a trusted animal sidekick to share all your discoveries with.

Luckily we have just the place for you and your pooch! Clear out your weekend plans and head down to The Dog Café!

Located in Boronia, The Dog Café is the newly opened cafe that is friendly for both pets and owners. It has everything for every dog lover including good food, coffee and company. With white tables and chairs sitting outside, The Dog Café is just begging for you to sit down and relax with your pup. The inside of The Dog Café is no different with its hanging lightbulbs from the ceiling that helps create that dreamy café aesthetic.

When you step out back and take notice of the mural of dogs wondering the Melbourne streets, you can see how much this café loves the cute four-legged creatures. With a turf covered ground, a sand pit, hay stacks and doggie pools, your fur baby will be unable to resist what the café has to offer. Let them play and meet new friends as you can sit down on the picnic tables and enjoy the sunshine without worrying about keeping your pet on a leash.

But of course, a café isn’t a café without mouth-watering food and drinks. For your satisfaction, The Dog Café has a large array of drinks for every café lover, including coffee, cappuccinos, long blacks, hot chocolates, ice coffee and milkshakes. Be prepared to leave plenty of room in your stomach for the wide selection of salads, cakes and slices. The Dog Café also has plenty of options for every dog that has been longing to enjoy the café lifestyle. There are puppacinos, dog food and dog rolls that will make your furry foodie so full they’ll just sprawl on the turf.

We know how we’ll be spending our weekend! Join us and visit this must-see destination.

Open hours are: Friday – Sunday from 9am till 4pm.

Address: 120 Boronia Road, Boronia.

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6 Life Hacks For Being A Happy Cat Owner

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Having a cat to shower with affection is ‘the dream’ for most of us cat lovers (calling all #crazycatladies!) They become a part of your family and a lot of the time they think they are one of us.

However, as cat owners we know that life with a cat isn’t always smooth sailing. Some cats can be a little on the moody side, and love to get their own way!

Need some hacks to be a happy cat owner? Here are some tips:

  1. Invest in rubber gloves! This is the best way to get rid of cat hair and as you would know it gets EVERYWHERE. Haven’t we all been avoiding wearing black for this reason?! Rubber gloves can be used to strip hair from your clothes and furniture and they are super cost effective, which is a win win for everyone!
  2. Change the bowl to a plate. This is for all the picky eaters out there! We’ve all had a cat that just won’t eat their food! Here at the Daily Fluff,  we’ve found that some cats just don’t like their bowl especially if it is limiting their whisker space! So why not try a flat dish and you may be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Keep their paws away from the cords. Does your cat love to chew on power cords too? It’s not only dangerous but it is also damaging. Get some rubber tubing to protect exposed cords and in turn protect your cat.
  4. You don’t need the 4 tiered cat post. While it’s no secret that cats do like these because they like to climb and be elevated, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make them happy. Get creative at home and make your own cat post. A bookshelf or stacked boxes will surely do the trick!
  5. Use a bath mat. Stop the unwanted litter spreading throughout the house by keeping your cat’s litterbox in one designated area in your home. Another great tip is to have a bath mat next to their litter box to stop the mess from spreading!
  6. Build a cubby house. Cats love to play and for them, that usually means climbing or hiding. Create little hiding nooks for them throughout the house so they can have all the fun they could ever need! These could be made with some shirts or towels. You’ll be surprised how quickly it will become their new nap spot.

We hope this helps you overcome some of the stresses of being a cat owner! Which hacks are you going to try? Comment below and let us know.

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6 Places to Pamper Your Pet in Melbourne

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We all love to spoil ourselves with a good old pampering, and whether they like to admit it or not, our pooches are guilty of loving it too! Of course, our fur-babies deserve to look their very best, so they’ll need the very best. Not sure where to go?

We’ve come up with a list of our top picks for the best dog grooming parlours across Melbourne:

  1. Murphy’s Paw

Residing in Port Melbourne, Murphy’s Paw identifies themselves as “Masters of Styling”. Murphy’s Paw has a large team of passionate dog lovers who are professionally trained to give your pet the best possible service. Offering services such as bathing, grooming and personalised styling, Murphy’s Paw is all about pampering your pup to highlight their best features according to their size and breed. They also offer training for puppies new to grooming and for owners who wish to groom their pets themselves.

  1. Spa Bark

Located in Moonee Ponds, Spa Bark has a personal standard for providing a professional service for your pet. It is no problem because they love dogs, and it is easy to be good at your job when you love it so much! Spa Bark internally mentors and externally trains their staff so they can improve their techniques and be up-to-date with any advances in grooming. They offer personalised grooming packages for different breeds, so it is a guarantee that your pooch will get the service that they need!

  1. Urban Paws

Not only do Urban Paws offer dog-grooming services, but the Yarraville business is also a doggy day care! Owned by husband and wife animal lovers, Roger and Melinda, Urban Paws is all about providing exceptional care for your pooch as if they were their own. They offer nurturing grooming services for your pooch, and if you’re early for your appointment, they can play in the day centre! Speaking of which, if you are busy all day and your pup hates being left alone, Urban Paws offers a fun and loving day care centre. Your pet can run around and play all day and maybe even make some new friends!

  1. Superb Grooming

If you want your dog’s grooming to have a personal touch, pop down to Superb Grooming in Wheeler’s Hill. With 5 years of experience, Jan provides each pooch with a grooming session with long lasting benefits. She’s all about making sure your dog’s coat and skin is clean and healthy so that they’re able to live their lives happily! You can drop your dog off while Jan takes good care of them, so when you come to pick them up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  1. Scratch & Sniffs

For a grooming that is professional with a modern flair, visit Scratch & Sniff down in Cheltenham! Scratch & Sniff’s principal groomer, Cally, has 17 years’ experience in Veterinary Nursing with a Certificate III in Pet Grooming. She has a certain flair for modern grooming, which includes Asian fusion and show preparation! Services Cally provides include washes, clips and even manicures and pet tattoos! Cally is also one of the small handful of experienced cat groomers in Australia. So if you have a kitty that is meowing for a pampering, bring them down and let them be spoiled!

  1. The Pink Poodle

If your pooch wants a grooming that’s a little more international, The Pink Poodle is the place for you! Located in Glen Waverley, the family owned business have over 40 years’ experience in dog grooming. The owner, Tracey, hails from the United Kingdom, and she has been trained in dog grooming from her mother, who has had the pleasure of grooming some celebrity pooches in England! The Pink Poodle specialises in Holistic grooming, offering services such as coat washes, mud wraps and skin treatment using aloe vera.
And there’s more! Want to spoil your feline friend? Lulu & Finn love being pampered at Pretty Kitty All Natural Cat Grooming!

When it’s time for our Summer haircuts or we need some pampering, the human takes us to Pretty Kitty All Natural Cat Grooming. We come home looking and smelling beautiful, and feeling stress-free. Best of all, they don’t use anaesthesia, so we don’t feel groggy for the rest of the day!

Stuck on where to go? No matter where you live in Melbourne, there is a parlour that will make your pooch even more beautiful. Who knows? They may look so good that they’ll bring your hairdresser to shame!

Which grooming parlours do you regularly visit? Comment below and let us know!

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The Best Places to Meet True Pet Lovers around Melbourne

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There are a lot of dog parks and beaches all around Melbourne so sometimes it’s hard to decide where to go on your next adventure. Most dog owners love seeing their pups socialise with other pups, playing and exploring together, it’s what we all love to see. But what about you? Isn’t it time that you start socialising too? What if you could socialise while your pup does the same?

We narrowed down our favourite places for meeting other pet lovers around Melbourne. That way you can both get socialising with like minded people & pooches.

Clayton Reserve, Macauley Road, North Melbourne:

A terrific inner city fenced park so you can let your pooch run free! Popular among inner city canines as it is on the fringe of the CBD, it’s an excellent spot for your pooch to get some exercise while you both socialise with other visitors.

Princes Park, Balaclava Road, Caulfield South:

Princes Park is a popular destination for many pets. Consisting of a fenced football oval as well as unfenced off-leash soccer fields, there’s plenty of ground for you and your pooch to cover. Water taps, bowls, benches, lots of trees and parking also available, it really has it all! Just don’t forget to bring waste bags with you to pick up after your pup. What we really love about Princes Park is that it has its own Facebook community: Princes Park Dog Owners. Meet like-minded pet owners and tee-up some socialising dates, perfect for locals. The Facebook group welcomes you to post a photo introducing you and your pet to the group! With over 500 members – what an awesome group to be a part of!

Sandown Street Beach, Brighton:

A purposely fully-fenced length of beach perfect for your pooch to enjoy the sand and the water, no leash required. Often busy particularly in the afternoons throughout summer, it’s a fantastic spot not far out of the CBD where you and your pooch are bound to make new friends. Enjoy a stroll along the marina with a stunning view of the city skyline in the distance. A purr-fect photo spot. Tip: We hear peak hour is 5:30pm weekdays and sunny Saturday mornings!

Citizens Park, Richmond:

A very busy park where apparently all the dog owners in Richmond (there are a lot of them) visit frequently. When the large fenced football oval isn’t occupied by footballers it is taken over by a mass of dogs, pups and their owners. What more could you want?!

McDonald Reserve, Beaumaris:

Our contributors Sherman and Diesel are big fans of this fun park and think it’s the perfect place to head to at the end of the busy week.

Sometimes our pawrents crave the company of other like-minded people. I know crazy to think just spending time with us 24/7 isn’t enough. When this happens to ours, we like to walk them to McDonald reserve in Beaumaris. Lots of people socialise their pups there and some Friday afternoons some even gather for a nice social drink!! We like to think this dog/human interaction is beneficial to all involved.

Must Love Dogs Meet Ups!

It’s not exactly a ‘place’ but it’s a group that we just had to share with you! With numerous organised meet-ups a month, this Must Love Dogs group is perfect for socialising with dogs. The best thing about this group is that you don’t even need to have a dog to join. You may be thinking about getting a dog or you’ve had dogs in the past and miss the company, either way, you are welcome to go to their events and get your dose of dogs you need! Some of their events also include pet owner information and training on how to teach and bond with your dog. Over a 1000 members and currently 13 scheduled meet-ups, the group is safe as it requires approval by an organiser before joining.

You do not need a dog to join. You might want to learn about dogs before getting a dog. You might no longer have dogs but would still enjoy their company. If you love dogs you are welcome to join us. -Must Love Dogs

Follow this link to join the group today! www.meetup.com/en-AU/Must-Love-Dogs/

We hope this has given you some ideas on where you might go on your next adventure! If you have a favourite spot where you’ve met some great pet lovers, please share with us in the comments below!

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

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Got no plans for Valentine’s Day? Feeling lonely and blue about not spending it with that special someone? No need to worry! The best suitor in town is sitting right next to you: your beloved pet! There is no one better to spend the most romantic day of the year with than the love of your life. Of course, you’ll need to plan something special so you can tell them how much you love them. Need inspiration?

Here are some ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day with your pet!

Go For a Walk:

If you have a dog, it is guaranteed that they love long walks on the beach, or wherever for that matter. A nice, peaceful walk will set the mood for what is bound to be a magical evening. Grab your best leash and go for a walk together in your local park, the beach, or even around the block. Who cares as long as you’re spending time together? You can take the time to sit on a park bench and you two can watch the sunset. If your pooch is feeling restless, take them to an off lead area where they can mingle with other pups and go on several mini dates all at once. Just try not to get too jealous!

Go Out For Dinner:

You don’t need a romantic candle lit dinner to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Grab your pup and take them out for a night on the town. There are many different restaurants that are pet-friendly where you and your date can both have a good time. Head down to Republica in St Kilda where after a yummy meal and live entertainment, you two can go on that romantic walk on the beach. Visit Madam Brussels in the CBD, where you can treat yourself to a little cocktail and your pooch can strike a pose on the turf. Or if you want something more laid back and a bit…foxy, pop into The Fox Hotel in Collingwood. Enjoy craft beer, live music, vegetarian options and, if the weather is feeling generous, you and your dog can enjoy each other’s company out back in the courtyard.

Catch a Movie:

The old school date idea, cuddle up with each other and watch a movie! Set the scene at home by dimming the lights and spreading out some blankets and pillows on the floor. Pick out your romantic drama, or a good old rom-com, and you and your pet can watch it together. Or if you want more romantic scenery, you and your pooch can watch a movie under the stars at one of the many outdoor cinemas around Victoria. Have a romantic picnic at Moonlight Cinema, where you can lie on the grass with your date and treat yourself to some chocolate. Remember, chocolate is not for dogs! Or get in your car and head to the drive-in cinemas at Coburg. Not only can you and your pup cuddle with each other in the back seat, but there is also a Food Truck Festival happening for you to grab a simple, yet yummy dinner.

Who says Valentine’s Day is overrated? Your date is not only adorable, but they’re also a good listener and love making you smile. Your pet will make Valentine’s Day, and every day after that, a night to remember.

How do you spend Valentine’s Day with your pet? Comment below and let us know!

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5 Tips For Socialising Your Puppy

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Getting your puppy used to people and other dogs can be a delicate but important process. It’s vital to teach them to play well with other dogs, handle new places and react to new people and other pets in a friendly and easy-going way. Pups who don’t develop good social skills can become fearful and sometimes aggressive.

To avoid that, here are some tips to help you prepare your furry friend for the world!

Sign-up for Puppy School:

As well as teaching your puppy good behaviour habits, most schools will spend some time on socialising. Professional trainers can help you with any concerns you may have for you and your pup along with teaching you the power of body language!

You both may make a few great friends along the way – bonus!

Take them out to new places:

Introduce your furry friends to as many different types of people as you can. Taking them to a market or to a café gives them an opportunity to observe and become comfortable around other people.

Get a little help from your friends:

Getting your friends to hang out with your adorable pup isn’t difficult. If you know somebody with a dog, why not set-up a little play date?! Trust is vital so find a playmate you know is friendly and patient.

Regular walks at a dog park:

Dog parks are a good way of introducing your pet to other dogs of all shapes and sizes. It’s important to set a good example for your pup and greet other dogs warmly. Start by introducing your pup to dogs of a similar size and if in doubt, keep them on the lead in case they get too scared or aggressive so you can easily walk them away.

Treat it like training: 

A good way to encourage good socialising behaviour is to reward your little fluffy friend when they do something well. Have a few treats handy for when you go for a walk or visit your friends and they behave in a friendly and sociable way. Your dog will soon find the incentive to be on their best behaviour!

What are some of your concerns with socialising your puppy? Do you have any tips from personal experience? Comment and let us know.