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How To Celebrate Halloween With Your Pet

posted by The Daily Fluff October 27, 2016 0 comments

We can barely believe it, but Halloween is just around the corner! This spooky time of the year is a great excuse for you and your pet to get dressed up and enjoy some sweet treats.

If you’re feeling like getting ghostly, then here are a few tips to make sure everyone enjoys the celebrations.

Dress them up:

Time to get into costume! As if we even needed another excuse to dress up our pets. Whether you want to wear matching costumes, or want to let your furry friend shine in the spotlight, make sure that your outfits are pet friendly. Keep any zips or embellishments out of the way so your pet can’t chew on anything not-so-sweet.

You can even make your own costume, like our friends Biggie and Lil Kim:

“Our human dresses us up all the time; it’s super easy to make a ghost costume out of an old sheet”

Spooky snaps:

If you’re going to get all dressed up, you might as well have a photoshoot, right? Ask a friend to be your photographer and grab some happy-halloween family shots. You will cherish these photos for a lifetime, and they’ll definitely be double-tap worthy too.

Treat time:

Why should the humans have all the fun? While we wish we could share our Halloween takings with our pets, we all probably know that’s not the best idea. Make sure they don’t miss out on all the sweets, and prepare some animal-only treats. Try freezing plain yoghurt and raspberries for a bloody looking treat.

Safety first:

While Halloween is great fun for us humans, it’s important to be weary of common things that can put our pet’s health at risk. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep all lollies and treats out of your pet’s reach. Chocolate can be pretty toxic and cause nasty side effects like vomiting, diarrhoea, increased heart rate and even seizures. To avoid any visits to the vet keep your treats in air-tight containers and keep an eye on your pets at all times.
  • If your pet gets a bit spooked by visitors, make sure you keep them distracted from any ghostly or mysterious guests. We would recommend taking them to another room and playing their most favourite game, or grabbing them their favourite treat to distract them.
  • If you’re planning on decorating the house, make sure you keep any decorations well out of reach for your little friend!
  • With people coming and going, there is a chance that your pet might get out through open doors. Grab your pet an ID tag with their name and your number listed, and make sure that they are micro chipped so they can be returned home safely if they go wandering

How are you and your furry-friends going to celebrate this Halloween? Let us know in the comment section!

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Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

posted by The Daily Fluff October 27, 2016 0 comments

Tis the season! (The spooky season that is.) Here at The Daily Fluff we love all things adorably gory. Why not get into the Halloween spirit this year by dressing your favourite furry pal up and taking them out on the town, to see if your neighbours have any treats or your pet gets up to any tricks!

Oliver The Cavoodle | Halloween | Dress Ups | The Daily FluffOliver, one of our favourite insta-famous Cavoodles loves Halloween for just that reason:

“Halloween is a great excuse to have dress up pawties! Last year my pawrents dressed me up as ‘Hairy Potter’. My outfit only cost a few dollars!! My cape was a big black bin bag and my hat was a orange wizard hat from Target!”

There are thousands of pet costume ideas you can buy or DIY during the time of ghouls, ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Below are some of our favourites:

1. The Terrifying Tarantula:

There’s nothing more terrifying (or adorable) than a pet dressed as another animal, especially a creepy crawly.

Shop it now!

2. The Butterfly:

Keeping with our creepy-crawly theme, this adorable butterfly costume will keep your dog in a colourful frame of mind all Halloween weekend. Careful though, your pup might just fly away if a frankenstorm hits Melbourne!

3. DIY Your Pack of Pups:

If you’re the owner of a group of puppies you can try DIY-ing something amazing like this pack of M&M’s or maybe a group of 101 Dalmations if you have some of OPaws pet-friendly semi-permanent hair colour.

4. Ghost-Dog:

For one of the holiday’s simplest but most effective DIY’s, try this ghost-dog costume. To make it a little more spooky you could try sewing in a set of battery-operated fairy lights so Rover emits a spooky glow as he guides the kids toward their candy treats.

What are you dressing your pet up as this Halloween? Comment and share with us!