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Five Fun Games to Play With Your Cat

posted by The Daily Fluff August 29, 2016 0 comments

If you’re a cat lover then you would know, each cat has its own unique personality, and there is no doubt that no two cats are the same. Here are some fun ideas to keep your cats entertained.

The Tech Cat

Who says cats can’t be tech nerds too? Google Play and Apple’s App stores are pretty much exploding with games for our feline friends. As long as you’ve got a smart-phone or a tablet, you’re ready to go.

Most games will let you determine what level your beloved kitty plays at, and as they advance the game will too!

To prevent any shattering disasters, and to protect your kitty’s claws, invest in a glass screen protector before you get started sharing your love for all things gadgets.

We love JitterBug and Cat Fishing.

The Traditional Cat

We all know that most cats are totally content just playing with feathers or a piece of string, and our Insta-famous friends Levi and Abby definitely agree.

“We see those feathers just waiting for us to pounce, I wonder who’ll get there first? Maybe we’ll go for that string just lying there taunting us instead… Mmmm, decisions decisions.  It’s such a hard life being a cat”

Aint that the truth.

luluThe No-Fuss Cat

We all know those cats who would be perfectly content going through life, simply entertaining themselves. They don’t need an iPad, or a box of toys to be entertained.

Our friend Freddy Mercury, like his namesake is known to be cheeky on occasions:

“One of my absolute favourite past times is to play hide-and-seek. I lurk behind doors and when an unsuspecting human passes I launch myself at them with a huge meow, paws outstretched. The reactions are priceless!”

Whether it’s feet under the table, or your hand under a blanket – these cats know how to keep themselves entertained on a budget.

freddyThe Adventurous Cat

For the super-energetic cat, your regular scratching post can be a bit of a bore. If you’re not willing to invest in one of those super OTT kitty jungle gyms, then make your own!

Gather together your cat’s favourite toys, tunnels and hiding spots and make them into their own personalised obstacle course. Hide treats inside their favourite toys, or use a string to lead them through the course.

This is a sure way to keep them entertained, and also tire those energetic kitties out!

If you’re looking for a kitty jungle gym then we recommend this one. 

The Hungry Cat

In the wild, not every meal comes as easy as meowing at the bag of food until it magically appears in the bowl. Bring out those hunter-gatherer instincts in your furry friend and make dinnertime fun.

Try rolling dry food across the floor, hiding it around the house, or stuffing treat balls (like this one from My Pet Warehouse) with dry food. Why not make dinner time fun?