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Spring Fashion Looks For Your Pet

posted by The Daily Fluff September 8, 2016 0 comments

The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming—and your pets want to as well! Spring not only excites the fashion-minded, but also pet owners. We’ve come up with a collection of our favourite spring fashion looks for your pet, to help you make sure they shine!

Bandanas & Bow Ties:

Bandanas and ties can be worn all year round, but they’re still one of our favourite spring fashion looks for pets. Bandanas and ties are simple but effective, and you can get them in colourful and floral prints to suit the change in seasons.

Flower Collars:

Why not jazz up your dog or cat’s current collar with flowers. You can attach lots of little flowers all the way around, or even one large flower at the front or back. If you want a longer-lasting, durable collar, purchase some fake flowers instead. Just make sure all flowers are placed securely at the back of your pet’s collar so they can’t chew or eat the flowers off. And of course, if the flowers are irritating your pet or causing allergies, its best to give them a miss.

Light Weight Jackets:

Jackets are usually the most popular pet accessory. Even when the weather becomes warmer, jackets can still be a great accessory. Make sure the jackets are made from thinner, lightweight material, and if it gets too warm, make sure you take them off!

Rain Coats (because we’re all familiar with Melbourne weather!):

So spring isn’t instantly great, and the transition from winter to spring can sometimes be slow and stretched out. But, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean your pet can’t start celebrating the wet, spring weather! We love seeing tiny dogs in floral rain coats walking the streets with their owners.

Flower Crowns :

Flower crowns may not be the most practical pet accessory, but they’re so beautiful! Some dogs might just tilt their head so the crown falls off—and may or may not begin eating it—so it’s probably best to keep this accessory for special events only, such as photo shoots!