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10 Famous and Fashionable Pets on Instagram

posted by The Daily Fluff February 13, 2017 0 comments

Is your Instagram feed full of only your friends, celebrities and fitness gurus? Or full of snaps of your pet but somehow they aren’t enough? You’re in need of some cute and adorable pet accounts to follow! Need some inspiration on who to follow? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!
Fashionable Pets | Instagram | Pets | The Daily Fluff | Australian Pet BlogHere’s our list of the most famous and fashionable pets on Instagram!

  1. @frankiethelilsausage

An adorable little sausage dog you just want to eat up, Frankie is Melbourne’s resident fashion guru! With 69.9 thousand followers, Frankie is one of the most popular Instagrammers in Australia. She’s even been in Vogue! Follow her to keep up with her latest modelling snaps. Kendall Jenner better watch out!

  1. @luluandfinn

Wanting double the trouble? Follow the gorgeous pair of Birman cats, Lulu and Finn! Lulu and Finn have captured the hearts of Melbourne with 63.2 thousand followers. They’re cheeky, lovable, and beautiful. Just look at their luscious fur and irresistible blue eyes.

  1. @maple.the.pup

If you’re internet savvy, there might be a chance you’ve heard of Maple! A Border Collie, Golden Retriever and Sheltie mixed breed rescue dog, Maple is known for her beautiful coat, scenic pictures, and musical talent! She often appears on her owner’s account, talented multi-instrumentalist, @acoustictrench. You can catch her rolling around in his music covers, or even joining in!Fashionable Pets | Instagram | Pets | The Daily Fluff | Australian Pet Blog             4. @baconcup

Got a thing for Scottish Folds? Follow the adventures of South Australian kitties, Bacon and his friend, Maple! The Joey and Chandler of Instagram, Bacon and Maple are always up to some sort of mischief, which has made 48 thousand followers laugh until they cry. What trouble will they get into next?

5. @lifeofjinkee

What’s more fashionable than a poodle? And what’s more adorable than a red toy poodle at that? Almost nothing! Jinkee is the popular red toy poodle with 73.8 thousand followers that can’t get enough of the curly haired pooch. She has been featured in many online publications and she’s also included in the official Dogs of Instagram book! Follow Jinkee if you want your feed to be filled with snaps of her latest dress-ups.

  1. @frostofficial

A rescue cat that chills in Sydney, Frost is one of the most followed felines in Australia with a whopping 91.6 thousand followers! While Frost may post a dressed up photo every now and then, she is more known for her simple, yet relaxed pics. Fashionable Pets | Instagram | Pets | The Daily Fluff | Australian Pet Blog

  1. @midge_the_dog

Is your feed missing a maltese/shihtzu cross with pigtails? Well it won’t for much longer! Midge is one of the prettiest pups on Instagram with 35.3 thousand followers. It’s understandable. How can you resist her iconic pigtails? She also knows how to match them with a fashionable bandana and a frilly dress, and she never forgets her most important accessory: a pair of adorable eyes.

  1. @nala_cat

Any cat person would at least have heard about Nala, the most famous kitty on all of Instagram. She has a massive 3.3 million followers. That’s even more than Grumpy Cat! Nala is known for being a very curious kitty ever since being adopted from a shelter at 5 months old. You can catch her sporting a beanie or two and giving kisses to her brother, @white_coffee_cat_, a British Shorthaired cancer survivor!

  1. @spencerthechow

This list would be incomplete without a chow chow, especially one such as Spencer! According to his Instagram bio, he is the “Brad Pitt of the dog world”, and it’s very easy to see why! Just look at his handsome fur coat! 44.8 thousand followers certainly have a case of puppy love, and you will too. Just try not to faint when he pokes out his tongue to say hello.

  1. @heyseymour

If you’re into kitties in kooky accessories, give Seymour a visit! He may have a frumpy face, but don’t let that fool you. He’s all about making you and 50.4 thousand followers smile! Seymour loves to sport a pair of colourful glasses or a smart necktie. Whatever the accessory may be, Seymour knows how to make it look cool!

This list is only a small number of Instagram pets we love to follow! So pull your phone out and get tapping. There are thousands of pets waiting for that notification! Who are your favourite pets on Instagram? Comment below and let us know!