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10 Signs You Are Addicted To Your Pet

posted by The Daily Fluff September 9, 2016 0 comments

We all love our pets. We love cuddling them, watching movies with them, taking them to the beach and playing with them. We can’t help but obsess over their soft fur and those cute puppy­ dog eyes. We talk about our pets around the office and hunt down the best food and treats for them (only the best for our furbabies right?!)

But just in case you’re not sure if you’re totally addicted to your pet, here are 10 signs…

  1. You and your pet have combined likes and dislikes: Your cat doesn’t like watching Beethoven, so you don’t like watching Beethoven.
  2. You’ve left school or work to check on your pet during the day.
  3. You take your pet on specifically pet designed weekend outings like dog beaches, dog wineries, dog­ friendly cafes. If you can’t bring your best friend, what’s the point?
  4. You’re hoping the new iPad upgrade will recognise paw­prints so you can facetime your pet during the day from the office.
  5. Your pet’s picture is your Christmas card design.
  6. You designed a New Year’s card just to give out more pictures of your pet.
  7. You get separation anxiety when parted with your pet.
  8. You’re currently knitting your pet a sweater to prepare for the colder months ­or googling, ‘best cat sunscreens’ for the hotter months.
  9. You talk to your pets like they are people and when you come home you ask how their day was and talk about yours to them.
  10. Your pet has its own Instagram page that you’ve set up and you put more time and effort into his/her page than your own. In fact, they have more followers than you.

Instagram stars Mimi, Ollie and Bruno know their mum is addicted to them because “she can’t leave us alone and always has to cuddle and kiss us and can’t even be away from us for one night!”

Are you addicted to your pet? Tell us how you know in the comments below!

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Top Dog Breeds For Kids

posted by The Daily Fluff September 5, 2016 0 comments

Picking the right breed of dog can be extremely daunting, especially when you’re a parent, grandparent or always have lots of kids around the house. Although every dog is different, there are breeds known for their friendly, easygoing and all-round great temperaments. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the top breeds of dogs for kids.

Golden Retrievers
Golden retrievers have beautiful natures and they’ll be sure to give you and your child lots of love and attention. Their name reflects their playful nature, as they love to retrieve and play outside. Golden retrievers are also very intelligent, so they are great for determined kids who want to teach their pet lots of tricks. Be prepared for lots of wet kisses and an adorable face throughout puppyhood and adulthood that you cannot say no to!

Labradors are quite similar to Golden Retrievers, but with less hair, therefore less upkeep. Like Goldens, they are intelligent, friendly and loving—sure to be a winner with the kids!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Cavaliers are perfect if you are looking for a smaller dog for yourself and your family. They are extremely friendly, loving and have the cutest eyes framed by long floppy ears! They are also great for families who want a dog who will predominately be inside.

Labradoodles are labradors crossed with poodles, and are gentle, loving and friendly dogs—therefore perfect to be around kids! Labradoodles are best suited to being inside dogs, but still love to have fun and exercise.

You may remember the Newfoundland, Nana, from the Peter Pan book. Her name was very suitable, as Newfoundlands are known as ‘nanny dogs’ due to their caring, protective and docile natures. They love water and being active and are suitable for those who want a large, fluffy companion. Their faces are so adorable that if you saw one on the street it would be weird not to run up and cuddle it!

Not only are beagles highly intelligent, but they are a smaller, low-maintenance dog that are great around kids. Their short-haired coats are very suited for those who prefer less grooming and shedding, but make sure you keep an eye on their eating habits!

Keeshonds are like clouds with legs. They have a two-layered coat that surrounds their adorable, tiny faces. They are medium sized with curly tails, but putting aside their unique appearance, they have great personalities. They are energetic, loving and fit well with a family that want to involve their dog in their daily activities.

Okay, this isn’t a breed—but it can be very rewarding for yourself and your child! Try taking your child down to a local shelter or rescue group and letting them find their own connection with a dog. Your child will learn a great lesson about second chances and helping those in need. Even if you’re wanting a puppy so it can grow with your child or are wanting a specific breed, don’t rule out adoption! Some rescue groups are breed specific, and many have dogs ranging from puppies to elderly dogs. If you want to know more about the dog’s personal temperament, many rescue groups now provide dog personality bios.