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6 Places to Pamper Your Pet in Melbourne

posted by The Daily Fluff February 28, 2017 0 comments

We all love to spoil ourselves with a good old pampering, and whether they like to admit it or not, our pooches are guilty of loving it too! Of course, our fur-babies deserve to look their very best, so they’ll need the very best. Not sure where to go?

We’ve come up with a list of our top picks for the best dog grooming parlours across Melbourne:

  1. Murphy’s Paw

Residing in Port Melbourne, Murphy’s Paw identifies themselves as “Masters of Styling”. Murphy’s Paw has a large team of passionate dog lovers who are professionally trained to give your pet the best possible service. Offering services such as bathing, grooming and personalised styling, Murphy’s Paw is all about pampering your pup to highlight their best features according to their size and breed. They also offer training for puppies new to grooming and for owners who wish to groom their pets themselves.

  1. Spa Bark

Located in Moonee Ponds, Spa Bark has a personal standard for providing a professional service for your pet. It is no problem because they love dogs, and it is easy to be good at your job when you love it so much! Spa Bark internally mentors and externally trains their staff so they can improve their techniques and be up-to-date with any advances in grooming. They offer personalised grooming packages for different breeds, so it is a guarantee that your pooch will get the service that they need!

  1. Urban Paws

Not only do Urban Paws offer dog-grooming services, but the Yarraville business is also a doggy day care! Owned by husband and wife animal lovers, Roger and Melinda, Urban Paws is all about providing exceptional care for your pooch as if they were their own. They offer nurturing grooming services for your pooch, and if you’re early for your appointment, they can play in the day centre! Speaking of which, if you are busy all day and your pup hates being left alone, Urban Paws offers a fun and loving day care centre. Your pet can run around and play all day and maybe even make some new friends!

  1. Superb Grooming

If you want your dog’s grooming to have a personal touch, pop down to Superb Grooming in Wheeler’s Hill. With 5 years of experience, Jan provides each pooch with a grooming session with long lasting benefits. She’s all about making sure your dog’s coat and skin is clean and healthy so that they’re able to live their lives happily! You can drop your dog off while Jan takes good care of them, so when you come to pick them up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  1. Scratch & Sniffs

For a grooming that is professional with a modern flair, visit Scratch & Sniff down in Cheltenham! Scratch & Sniff’s principal groomer, Cally, has 17 years’ experience in Veterinary Nursing with a Certificate III in Pet Grooming. She has a certain flair for modern grooming, which includes Asian fusion and show preparation! Services Cally provides include washes, clips and even manicures and pet tattoos! Cally is also one of the small handful of experienced cat groomers in Australia. So if you have a kitty that is meowing for a pampering, bring them down and let them be spoiled!

  1. The Pink Poodle

If your pooch wants a grooming that’s a little more international, The Pink Poodle is the place for you! Located in Glen Waverley, the family owned business have over 40 years’ experience in dog grooming. The owner, Tracey, hails from the United Kingdom, and she has been trained in dog grooming from her mother, who has had the pleasure of grooming some celebrity pooches in England! The Pink Poodle specialises in Holistic grooming, offering services such as coat washes, mud wraps and skin treatment using aloe vera.
And there’s more! Want to spoil your feline friend? Lulu & Finn love being pampered at Pretty Kitty All Natural Cat Grooming!

When it’s time for our Summer haircuts or we need some pampering, the human takes us to Pretty Kitty All Natural Cat Grooming. We come home looking and smelling beautiful, and feeling stress-free. Best of all, they don’t use anaesthesia, so we don’t feel groggy for the rest of the day!

Stuck on where to go? No matter where you live in Melbourne, there is a parlour that will make your pooch even more beautiful. Who knows? They may look so good that they’ll bring your hairdresser to shame!

Which grooming parlours do you regularly visit? Comment below and let us know!