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10 Reasons Why Bunnies Make Excellent Pets

posted by The Daily Fluff February 8, 2017 0 comments

When you’re considering a new addition to the family, too often the question seems to be “should we get a cat or dog?” They may be the most popular pets but here at the Daily Fluff we want to broaden your mind; because a bunny rabbit may just be the perfect pet for your home and lifestyle.

We contacted some of our bunny friends Amsterdam and Autumn and found there was a lot we didn’t know about rabbits!

Here are the top 10 reasons why rabbits make excellent pets!

  1. They can be house trained, easily
  2. They are intelligent
  3. They can live inside just like an indoor cat or dog
  4. They are clean
  5. They have distinct personalities
  6. They help you stay healthy
  7. They like keeping a routine
  8. They are quiet pets
  9. They help you feel calm
  10. They have long life spans, usually around 10-15 years

And there’s more!

If you’re in an apartment or are looking for a pet that is house trained and quiet, rabbits are the perfect animal for you! You may need to empty the litter daily but they won’t bother the neighbours or wake up little kids with barking or meowing.

Rabbits are great at keeping themselves clean with self-grooming, not dissimilar to cats, so there is no need for baths which is lucky since rabbits generally don’t like water! Their personalities are easy to read – and they are sure to let you know if they are happy and or unhappy.

Our friends Amsterdam and Autumn are great at showing their mum and dad what they are feeling:

We love to run and jump around when we are excited but will turn our backs on you when we are grumpy!

Rabbits are smart and curious creatures and they can even learn their name and come when they are called. Rabbits love human interaction and can work their own schedule around your day-to-day routine! They often have their playtime when their owner is home which makes your mornings and nights so much more exciting! Just like any other pet they will be pleased to see you when you get home from work and since your fridge needs to be stocked with fresh herbs and veggies, they will also encourage you to eat healthily! What more could you want?

Here at the Daily Fluff, we’re pretty convinced that rabbits make excellent pets! But if you’re still unsure we suggest doing some of your own research and follow some pet bunnies on Instagram (like Amsterdam and Autumn) to learn the ins and outs from rabbit owners.

Do you own a rabbit? What are some of your favourite things about them? Comment and share with us below!