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5 Of The Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

posted by The Daily Fluff March 14, 2017 0 comments

There are moments in life when all you need is a good cuddle from your cat. Giving your kitty a good scratch behind the ears and receiving a loving purr in return is the best feeling in the world. While all cats like a good pat, there are some breeds that will be more affectionate in return.

Here is our list of the most warm and loving cat breeds:

  1. Ragdoll:

Like their namesake, Ragdolls are relaxed and love to be held in your arms. They are known to be the most calm and laidback of the domestic cat breeds. Ragdolls will easily get along with everyone; adults, kids and even other cats. Their favourite thing to do is to jump on your lap and meow to tell you how much they love you. You’ll need to make sure you have the couch prepped to sit in all day!

  1. Scottish Fold:

Sweet and gentle, Scottish Folds are not only incredibly cute, but they’re also very doting on their owners. They want nothing more than your attention, and they’ll make sure that you know it. Scottish Folds won’t let you out of their sight, but they won’t pester you either. You’ll never be able to get sick of their adorable, folded ears.

  1. Tonkinese:

Tonkinese cats will very quickly become your new best friend. They are known to be very social, which means that they have a very happy, friendly, generous and outgoing personality. Tonkineses are both active and relaxed, which will suit you for whatever mood you’re in. No matter what, they will always bring a smile to your face.

  1. Siamese:

If you thought you loved the spotlight, you haven’t met a Siamese cat! Siamese cats are cute little attention seekers and are not ashamed of it. They are very high maintenance, which is expressed by their loud and outgoing personalities. But it is only because they see you as their family, and nobody loves you more than family!

  1. Sphynx:

This might seem like an odd choice, but despite their hairless appearance (and because of it), Sphynx cats may be the most loving of them all. They are very warm to touch, and your pats are very well received with a loud and grateful purr. Because of their hairless body, Sphynx cats also require lots of warmth. They will greatly appreciate a good cuddle on your lap or under your blankets!

No matter what breed you choose, your kitty is guaranteed to shower you with lots and love and attention. It will be impossible for you to return their affections!

Which cat breeds do you find affectionate? Comment below and let us know!sd