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Open Your Doors and Make It A Home

posted by The Daily Fluff January 30, 2017 0 comments

What do we really know about the local animal shelters in your area? It’s easy to assume they do invaluable work, but the truth is it goes much deeper than that.

It’s a hard truth to face, but it’s one that needs to be known by all the pet lovers out there. Thousands of beautiful, healthy and loving kittens and cats are put down every year across the country, why? There’s a major overpopulation issue. There are multiple ways we can try and impact this and make a real difference; The Cat Protection Society (CPS) are committed to making a change, starting with education. The CPS endeavor to educate the community in responsible cat ownership and by also providing de-sexing services at a discounted rate through their clinic, their commitment to all aspects of cat welfare and management is clear. By promoting the recognition of domestic cats as a part of this community; they hope to give what we all want for these cats, a fighting chance.

It might seem like these cats are just another face in the crowd, but a cat we want to tell you about today is anything but that. Her name is Bella, she is the indoors-y type, great company, loves attention and interacting with her family as much as possible. She is a family-first type of lady. And when we say lady that’s exactly what I mean. Bella is a 8 years old, which might not make her your first pick, but in our opinion she really ought to be. Her maturity has made Bella more resilient to her surroundings and to multiple personalities, she loves to give and receive affection daily, making the perfect addition to your home. Bella’s Mum unfortunately was unable to take her with her when she moved into an aged care facility, which actually happens quite a lot with adult cats, leaving them homeless.

Currently, Bella is in foster care and her carer couldn’t give her a better wrap:

Bella is a delightful, affectionate lady who would love to keep your lap warm and keep you company.

Bella has been in the care of the Cat Protection Society for 165 days now, she really would be most at peace in a new home, where she can get properly settled. Here at The Daily Fluff, we’re sharing this story, hoping that one of you will decide to open your door and make it a home, for Bella.

For information on how to adopt Bella or to find out more about adopting a cat, head to the CPS website at http://www.catprotection.com.au/pussy-cat/bella/