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3 Fun Ways to Spend Summer With Your Pet in Melbourne

posted by The Daily Fluff January 23, 2017 0 comments

Stuck in a weekend rut? Sometimes going to the beach again and again can get a bit repetitive. In order to fully enjoy summer, you and your pup should try new things. And luckily for you, Melbourne has a wide range of pet friendly activities for you two to enjoy together.

We’ve come up with a few suggestions so that you and your pet can have the best summer ever!

  1. Visit a café:

Melbourne is well known for its buzzing cafes. If you think you can’t enjoy them with your pooch, think again! There are many cafes around town that caters to both you and your pet. The Stray Dog Café in Glen Waverley not only offers hand made burgers, but they will give your dog a free bowl of chicken for them to nom on. The Farm Café in Abbotsford has delicious treats and rustic views of the children’s farm. Your dog will feel right at home! Crowded House in Williamstown offers your pooch a bowl of water after they’ve had a big day of running around the nearby beaches. Kew Nursery and Café not only have gardening supplies for your shopping enjoyment, but it has a lovely garden scene for you and your pet to enjoy. If it’s a hot day, head to the dog specialty café, Dog House! Not only do they have a wide range of ice creams, but they also have plenty of yummy treats for your dog, such as meat muffins, bones and steaks!

  1. Go the movies:

Who says you can’t bring your pet to the movies? Summer is the perfect time to attend outdoor cinemas, where you can watch the latest releases and good old classics. And guess what? Your pet can come along too! QV Outdoor Cinema has pet friendly cinema sessions up until February where you can cuddle up to your pooch while watching a flick in the city. The sessions also raise money for Lort Smith, Australia’s not-for-profit animal hospital.

Biggie Smalls loves heading to the QV outdoor cinema with his parents!

I’m a movies man so I love sitting back on a deck chair and relaxing under the stars at QV doggy and deck chair movie nights. I can eat snacks and nap too.

However, if you prefer for you and your pup to get back to nature, Moonlight Cinema in the Botanical Gardens is also pet friendly. Running until April, you and your pet can lie out on the grass among the trees and watch a movie under the stars. There is also the drive-in cinema in Coburg, where you two can cuddle up in the comfort of your own car!

  1. Attend a food truck festival:

Do you and your pooch want to eat some yummy nibbles while having fun at the same time? Summer in Melbourne has you covered! There are plenty of food truck festivals happening that not only offers mouth-watering food and beverages, but they also allow you to bring your best friend! The Coburg Velodrome Food Truck Festival starts it all off on Australia Day, running until the 29th. It has it all: food trucks, circus performers, live music, wrestling rings and outdoor cinemas. They also run daily food-eating competitions, not only for humans, but for dogs too! Your little winner can show it’s competitive side and eat as many snags as they can in three minutes. Don’t worry; there will be a vet on side to make sure they don’t stuff themselves silly. There is also the Food Truck Park in Preston that runs annual festivals with a wide variety of themes such as BBQ and beers, tacos, Indian street food and pizza. Plus, your pet can come along to mingle with other pups and make new friends!

Need some more great ideas? Here are some of our contributor’s favourite ways to spend summer in Melbourne!

One of my favourite spots to go in Melbourne on a warm summers day is Warrandyte River. Always plenty of pups for me to play with, lots of shade for mum (and for me) to laze around in, and endless water for to splash in! Perfect day if you ask me! – Bentley 

Bentley’s not the only one who loves to splash around in the water!

The beach is the best! I love swimming and then rolling in the sand. Digging holes and chasing my brother through the dunes. It’s perfect on a hot day to cool off!! – Lil Kim

What are some fun activities you and your pet love doing during summer in Melbourne! Comment below and let us know.

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Top 5 Walks In And Around Melbourne To Take Your Pet on This Weekend

posted by The Daily Fluff September 11, 2016 0 comments

Melbourne dog­ owners, rejoice! We’ve compiled the top five walks to take your dog on in and around our glorious city this weekend. If you’re bored of the same old walking tracks and scenery then this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

You and your pooch can head up the promenade and play in the sand, or hop in the car and go mountain-side. Most of these areas are off-leash (with the exceptions of nature reserves). We also took the liberty of getting advice for the weekend walk straight from the dog’s mouth! We contacted social media stars Lenny and Bentley to find out where their favourite walks are located.

Read on to find some inspiration for your next weekend adventure!

1. The Olinda Creek walking track ­(dogs allowed on­ leash)

Your dog can lock in some much ­needed face-­in­-the­-breeze­-lean-­out­-the-­window time as you head up to the Dandenong ranges this weekend and check out the gorgeous Olinda creek walking track. It’s a 10 kilometre return walk, rated easy to moderate, through the Silvan Reservoir and boasts stunning views of natural reserved habitat, eucalyptus trees and bright green mossy areas abound.

The fresh air and break from the city humdrum will leave you and your pooch feeling refreshed and once again in tune with nature. As it is a reserve, dogs will need to remain on leash, but that’s a small price to pay to let them snuffle through the undergrowth and feel those animal instincts once more!

2. The Upper Yarra Reservoir Park ­(dogs allowed on leash)

Situated around the highest point of the Yarra river accessible to the public, the Upper Yarra Reservoir park is a full­ on weekend getaway ready for the taking. Dogs must remain on ­leash but are welcomed as camping compatriots should you feel like pitching a tent or bringing a caravan and going grounding this weekend. Get back to your roots, pack a few picnics and some warm clothes and comfortable shoes. The Upper Yarra Reservoir park is an absolute gem and home to the beautiful Batt’s Creek track. Don’t forget to check out the various lookouts to see water gushing back down toward Melbourne and watch the drool form on your dog’s face as he imagines gleefully jumping down into the splashing surrounds.

3. West Beach in St Kilda ­(allows dogs off leash all year round)

Beside St Kilda pier and continuing on to Sandridge St, St Kilda’s West Beach is one of the most accessible dog beaches in Melbourne. With gorgeous harbour views and a smattering of beach side cafes to refresh owners and pets alike, this beach is a surefire way to release the hounds and any pent-up energy they may be feeling from the past week.

Let your pooch run wild, chase seagulls and dig excitedly through the sand to uncover all things curious. The shallow water means dogs will enjoy a quick dip and paddle. Winter won’t stop the curiosity in your pup as he  to she watches the tiny shoreside fish darting in and about under the surface!

4. Birdlands Reserve, West Belgrave ­(allows dogs)

Tucked away in secluded Belgrave South, the Birdlands Nature reserve is the perfect weekend walking track for pets and owners. It is a native animal reserve, so your pup will have to remain on leash, but the pay­off in seeing the myriad native flora and fauna (and even Platypus!) is worth it. You and your dog can get some fresh air and exercise and breathe in the delicious scents of native wattle and bottlebrush along this easy, flat walking track.

5. Inverleigh Flora Reserve ­(allows dogs on leash)

The Inverleigh Flora Reserve is a bit of a drive, located 27km west of Geelong on the Geelong ­Hamilton road, and is cared for by volunteers. This pretty reserve is home to a huge array of native species of flora and might even be a great space to spot a few native blue­banded bees! Your puppy might attempt to snap at a few of the flying insects so be sure to keep a leash handy. This walk is 9km long and pretty ‘out bush’ with no public facilities around. You will have to be sure to bring enough food and water to last you and your pup and take a few rest breaks. However, the reserve boasts over 50 species of native orchid and there have even been reported koala sightings so it’s not to be missed!

If you’re still after more of the outdoors after visiting these beautiful places, the Daily Fluff has got the inside scoop from some of our favourite influencers.

Instafamous pooch Bentley says:

“Two of my favourite spots to go for a walk is Lilydale Lake in Lilydale and The Retarding Basin in Boronia! Both have big grassy off leash areas that allows me run around and make new doggy friends! As well as lots of water for me to swim in if I need to cool down!”

And the adorable Lenny can’t get enough of the beach:

“One of my favourite walking spots is along Brighton Beach. Dogs like me are allowed to be off leash along the beach at all hours between March to November and from 7:30pm-­10am during the warmer parts of the year. I love running along the sand, splashing in the water, exploring the rocks and letting tourists take happy snaps of me!”

Do you have a favourite weekend walking spot around Melbourne? Comment below and let us know!

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4 Ways To Exercise With Your Dog ­

posted by The Daily Fluff September 8, 2016 0 comments

Even with today’s busy lifestyle­ it’s important for pets and owners alike to keep fit so they can tackle all their important daily tasks (like testing out those new chew toys dad brought home!) with a clear mind.

Here at the Daily Fluff we’ve compiled four ways to exercise with your dog this spring, that will clear that winter fog away and get you both outside, soaking up some healthy Vitamin D.

1. Walking or running:

Walking or running with your dog is one of the most common ways to get fit while bonding together.

Instagram celebs Sherman and Diesel are big fans of a good beach ­run, they love how it wears their owner out so they can relax afterwards:

“Hearing the word W.A.L.K is our favourite part of the day. We like to exercise our human at the local off-leash beach, Beaumaris Yacht Club. Look out for Diesel chasing his favourite purple ball and I will be rolling around in some seaweed. remember regular exercise is great for your humans and helps keep us happy and healthy too.”

2. Keepings off:

Dogs love ball sports. Head to the backyard or local park with a soccer ball and play keepings off! Gentle dribbling activities will work out both you and your dog, while you try to keep the ball away and your dog tries to catch it. This is also a good way for you to check in with your old sports skills and see if you’ve still got it!

3. Stand­-Up Paddle Boarding:

If you’ve always wanted to try paddle ­boarding but haven’t the heart to leave your pooch at home while you get to splash around in the ocean, there’s no need to worry! Dogs love water, waves and the ocean in general. Any pup that loves the feel of the wind in their face during the drive down to the beach will equally enjoy the sea­ spray as they get to ride the waves like Kate Winslet in the Titanic.

4. Bodysurfing:

As the weather warms up, the beaches fill up. Bodysurfing is a fun way to get fit and no equipment is necessary! Your dog can join in too and catch waves with you. Careful though, your pooch might show you up on the beach, either by riding those waves more smoothly, or attracting the attention of cute lifeguards!

Do you have any fun tips on how to exercise with your pet? Let us know in the comments below!

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Five Fun Things to Do With Your Pets This Weekend

posted by The Daily Fluff September 2, 2016 0 comments

This weekend grab your pooch and head out on the town. We’ve compiled a list of dog and pet­friendly cafes, markets and bars for both of you to explore. We’ve also got the goods right from the dog’s mouth and asked the creators behind Instagram superstars @littleboygeorge and @lifeofbiggieandkimdogg where their favourite secret and social spots are!

1. Grab Brunch at the Kew Nursery and Cafe:

The Kew Nursery and Cafe is located at 2 Gladstone st in Kew, Melbourne. It is a dog-friendly, vegetarian-friendly and kid friendly watering hole featuring a gorgeous nursery with a large range of plants and gardening accessories for sale. You and your pup can wander about under the flowers, and then grab a bite to eat and a coffee while contemplating the professional advice given to you by the nursery’s friendly maintenance team for your next at­home gardening and landscaping project. Head back out into the nursery after sketching out your plans on a napkin (check them through with rover first to make sure your next water feature or an apartment filled with ferns is canine­ approved) and purchase the first pieces to test the waters.

2. Find a Dog­ Walking Group or Meetup via Meetup.com:

If you and your pet are a bit starved for socialising, or simply want to meet new people and breeds, you can head on over to the website Meetup.com and find dog walking groups to fit your specific needs. If you have a bulldog or pug and wanted to find other bulldog and/or pug owners to walk your pup with, you will definitely be able to find that in the Melbourne area. There are even single dog walking groups if you or your pet are looking for some love! You might meet the man of your dreams 101 Dalmations style! The Melbourne Dog Walkers group has over 1,000 members and runs once a month. You can find a walking group to suit your style and schedule here.

3. Argos Loves Company Dog­ Friendly Pub, Brunswick Street:

Argos loves Company was named after Ulysses loyal best friend (of the canine persuasion) and is a Fitzroy ­based pub with a traditional gastro­pub menu and chewy snacks available for the pups on order. If you and your dog ­loving pals are after a nice extended late Saturday afternoon walk in the upcoming Spring twilight, Argos Loves Company is the place for you. Head on over for a cider or glass of wine and some food and fluffy company. No question about your canine friend getting the best possible treatment either!

4. Try checking out a local market:

On weekends, Anna mumma to Instagram stars Biggie and L’il Kim (@lifeofbiggieandkimdogg) likes to take her dogs adventuring and often winds up at various markets or beaches:

“Biggie and Kim have a super packed weekend. They basically come along with us the whole time…On Saturdays we sometimes go to Hank Marvin Markets. There are lots of food vans for our owners to get a snack and it’s at a park so we can all sit on the grass together and eat treats.

Let’s not forget sleeping! After walking and park time we like to sit in our backyard in the winter sun and have a nap. We always sleep spooning each other. ”

Michael, one half of the team behind @littleboygeorge also enjoys browsing!

“A frequent activity that we do each week with George is going to the Camberwell Markets each Sunday morning. Heaps of people to meet and lots of other dogs to socialise with too! George loves watching the street performers (musicians) and stopping for brunch with us at ‘My Other Brother’ café which is also at the markets.”

4. Gourmet Pawprints Doggie Winery Tour:

If you’re keen to get away over the weekend we’ve saved the best for last! Combine your love of weekend wine and your pet by organising a pet­ friendly winery tour! Gourmet Pawprints organises transport via their company bus for you and your pooch, taking your tour group to the winery of your choice. With wineries across the Melbourne, Yarra and Mornington regions currently participating there is an event to suit everyone. You can check out all the different activities and select yours on the company website here.