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Pets and A New Baby – What You Need To Know

posted by The Daily Fluff July 8, 2016 0 comments

Congrats! You’re expecting a baby! There are many changes headed your way but did you know these changes could even include your relationship with your pet?

While you no doubt love your pet, the attention of a brand new baby can sometimes disrupt your pet’s routine, including feeding times, cuddles, play time and everything else you do together to bond.

So in order to make the transition as smooth and as happy as possible for the both of you, there are a few key things to keep in mind when bringing home a baby.

Start to train your animal:

If your dog (in particular) hasn’t already been trained, now is a good time to train them. It’s important to teach them to sit, come and stay so you have more control over their actions and don’t have to worry about them not listening to your commands when they are needed the most. Teaching an older dog can be difficult, so don’t be afraid to invest in a dog trainer.

Allocate roles:

If you have other members in your household, use the time before the baby arrives to allocate roles to each family member. Roles can include who feeds the animals, who changes the kitty litter, who and when will someone walk the dog? Start practicing that routine now so that everyone has their jobs and are well rehearsed at their roles before the baby comes.

Make rules:

Ensuring you have some rules in place for your animals will mean that you can attend to your baby without worrying about pets being in places they shouldn’t! Either write them down, or hold a family meeting and address what is allowed and not allowed. Rules could include: no cats in the bassinet, near the pram or ensuring that you keep pets out of the baby’s room right from the start.

Once you’ve established these rules it’s vital that everyone follows them and disciplines your pets accordingly.

Be social with your pets:

When a new baby arrives there are sure to be lots of friends and family around so it’s a good idea to get your pets used to being social now.

A great idea is to throw a party and let your guest know that you are preparing your animals for extra company when the new baby arrives. Supply your guests with treats for the animals which they can give to your pets after giving them some cuddle time and attention.

Don’t forget about them!

The first few months with a newborn is very challenging, however it’s important not to forget about your other fur babies in the meantime. When your baby is sleeping why not cuddle up with your pets and have a nap, we know they will love the attention!

Have you recently welcomed a new baby into your home? Do you have any great tips on how to make the transition go smoothly? Comment and share them with us below!