Sponsored Editorial Packages

Sponsored Editorial Packages are now available for 2017!

Businesses in the pet industry are unique with a compelling story to tell. Our editors are experts in creating digital content that is unique, engaging and highly shareable.

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Invest in Sponsored Editorial to:

  • Have access to a dedicated Daily Fluff editor – an expert digital content creator (and pet lover!) who has years of experience working with brands in the pet space
  • Raise awareness of your product/business in a way that resonates with readers – we know what they read, and what makes them react
  • Increase sales, foot traffic or bookings strategically – direct growth in the areas you want
  • Highlight what makes your brand special and share your unique story
  • Increase your Google search ranking for key terms
  • Have a reputable, engaging and visually-appealing asset that you can share and leverage to market your business – in store, on social media and to your email database

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