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Introducing Pawshake

posted by The Daily Fluff September 29, 2016 0 comments
Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Whether for work or play, trips away can be bittersweet for pet lovers. It’s not always possible to take our pets with us when we go away, and on these occasions we need to think about where they will stay and who will look after them. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was an online community of trusted pet lovers on standby to look after your furry friends? Oh wait, there is!

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Image credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Introducing Pawshake:

Pawshake is a community for pet minders and owners. It began in 2010 in Belgium, currently operates in over 17 countries worldwide and was started in Australia in 2014.

Pawshake essentially is a go-to hub through which pet minders and owners can meet, greet and trust that the services received will be of the best quality. Through the Pawshake’s website users can either find or become pet minders, which means that pets can be left in the comfort of their own home with a friendly, reliable visitor checking in a few times a day during the duration of their owner’s absence.

Pawshake’s pet sitters not only feed and walk your furry friend, they also keep them company and make sure everything is okay while you are away. It certainly solves the problem of a post cat motel hissyfit being thrown in the front seat of your car on the way home!

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Image credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Other services:

However Pawshake isn’t only for the vacation bound! The business also offers services such as doggy day care for those who hate leaving their pup alone while they’re at the office or having a super busy day. Interested pet owners can search for doggy day care services in their area and minders can be charged with the responsibility of getting the puppy to and from the doggy day care. Otherwise, owners can organise this part and do a drop-off and pick­ up. There are countless options for everyone!

Sarah Gaul, Pawshake’s Community Manager explains, “We have thousands of users Australia-wide, and all our sitters are vetted and verified before appearing on the site. Owners can read all about the sitters and their experience, as well as reviews from other pet owners, on their customised Pawshake Sitter profile. Our sitters are from a huge array of backgrounds and professions – we have vets, vet nurses, retirees, pet groomers, professionals, people who work from home and students, to name a few.”

The best part? When you’ve found your perfect match to look after your pooch, you can refer back to your favourite minder. If a dog or cat had a particularly great experience with a minder, owners can book their services again creating even more peace of mind for your furry favourites.

Minders are also encouraged to check in and build rapport with owners by communicating and sending photographs and updates through text to ensure you have peace of mind throughout the whole process! So both you and your furred pal don’t have to worry about not coping without them.

Images credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Image credit: Patrick Morrow 2016.

Want to hear from Pawshake pet sitters and owners?

“Pawshake is great for me as a freelancer – I’m not in a position to own a pet, but I still get much-need pet interaction with my daily dog walking and house visit clients.  It’s fabulous extra income, and the app and website are really easy to navigate. I feel like a surrogate owner to a lot of my fur-clients – the job is super rewarding!” – From a Pet Sitter (Kate, Sydney)

“My partner and I stumbled across Pawshake about a year ago, when a friend from the dog park recommended it. We have been really nervous to leave our 9-month-old French Bulldog, Stanley, in a kennel or boarding facility, so Pawshake was the perfect solution. We found Jack through the website and had a meet and greet so we could see if he and Stanley got along, and Jack was amazing with him! Both my partner and I travel for work, and we’ve left Stanley at Jack’s house a few times now and he’s always very well cared for. Jack sends us daily updates, and it’s much cheaper than kennels.” -From a Pet owner (John, Melbourne)

To register as a sitter or as a pet owner, users can simply go to and create a profile. Pawshake also provides 24 hour phone and online support for sitters and owners and offers a great and accessible app! Do you have questions or want to know more? Email and one of their managers will get back to you shortly!