Famous Furry Friends

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It’s no doubt that dogs, cats and all other types of animals are (wo)man’s best friend! Pet videos have been circulating the internet and pet pictures—and accounts— are taking over Instagram from loved-up pet owners. But what about animals that are in the public eye because of their celebrity-status owners?

Katy Perry

Small, fluffy, teddy bear-like animals make our hearts melt! The singer Katy Perry’s pooch appears to be a type of toy poodle. The golden pup is such a tiny, adorable package that we almost didn’t think it was real (but don’t worry, we saw videos)! The pooch’s name is Butters—almost as cute as the name of Katy’s cat; Kitty Purry.

Karl Lagerfeld

It seems fitting that fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld owns possibly the most fashionable cat on this planet. His striking Birman, Choupette, has her own maids, and from seeing her big blue eyes and gorgeous coat we have the idea that she could get away with anything! To top it off, Choupette has her own Instagram account so we can experience just how luxurious the cat’s life is. It’s acceptable to be jealous of a cat, right?

Hilary Swank

Actress Hilary Swank’s love for animals shines through her variety of pets; one including an African Grey Parrot – Dr. Seuss. The name is very fitting, as not only did Dr. Seuss have a lot to say in his books, but so do African Greys, being known as one of the greatest ‘speaking’ and most intelligent parrots. The magnificent bird can have a lifespan of around 50 years, and what it lacks in bright colouring it makes up in its large size.

Tom Hawkins

The Geelong AFL star has a sweet-faced pug cross Aussie bulldog—Oscar John Hawkins. Oscar’s small stature, pug colouring and piercing dark eyes are completed by an under bite that radiates the expression “I didn’t do it!” Head over to Oscar’s very own Instagram page to see him defend his territory from a vicious, robotic vacuum cleaner.

Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander—an Australian sleepwear brand—is named after its animal loving designer. If you’re a Peter Alexander fan you would already be aware of Peter’s love for all things animals. Peter’s past pet Penelope—who’s now in animal heaven—is the brand mascot, with the sausage dog plastered on the brand’s shopping bags, pyjamas and dog toys. Peter now has three adorable dogs; Betty the dachshund, Butch the dachshund cross, and a (recently rescued) cattle dog staffy mix, Kooper.

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