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Woof-It Healthy Dog Treats

posted by The Daily Fluff October 29, 2016 0 comments
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Woof-it Healthy Dog Treats take the hard work out of finding healthy treats for your dog!

Woof-it Healthy Dog Treats is a business based in Melbourne, Victoria.
They source all of their ingredients locally and their oven baked treats are made in Melbourne.

They have done the hard work and research into ways we can give our dogs the same added nutrition in a treat form.

This means that little do our pooches know that they are getting a healthy treat rather than a salty high processed treat.

Woof-It Healthy Dog Treats love to use the word treat, because they know that’s what we love to do as dog owners, TREAT our dogs!

When added to a balanced diet, Woof-it Healthy Dog treats are a staple in every dog lovers home.

And the best part? Each product is proudly named after each of the business owner’s furbies. How cute is that?

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