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The Pets Hotel

posted by The Daily Fluff November 15, 2016 0 comments
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7 Phillip Court,

Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

For very important pets!

The Pet Hotel has a variety of different accommodation and activities for dogs and cats. You can customize your pet’s stay in every way imaginable. From the type of room (all suites), to the type of treats, play time and personalized affection time, The Pet Hotel ensures they cater to your pet’s needs. The accommodation also offers 24/7 on-call veterinary care, a clean environment, an air-conditioning system that circulates air, a ventilation system to avoid the spread of germs and odors, a sound system for music, 24 hour video surveillance, spas, playing areas and even luxury suites with TV’s!

With extensive options for senior animals, webcam accessibility for owners and a HUGE list of further services for pets that aren’t offered at other pet boarding facilities, we’re sure you can enjoy a holiday or work trip without having to worry about the special fur-baby in your life.

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