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Supaw Pet Bakery

posted by The Daily Fluff November 25, 2016 0 comments
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55 Jeffcott Street,
West Melbourne, 3003

A Bakery for Your Pet!

Do you have a pet’s birthday coming up or are you just a crazy cat/dog lady that loves spoiling your pet with any “human” style presents possible? Supaw Pet Bakery Melbourne is, you guessed it, a bakery for your pet! They are an online-based store that has the options to either get your cake delivered by Australia Post, or to pick it up in person from West Melbourne.

Supaw Pet Bakery specialises in making celebratory cakes for pets, including rainbow dog cakes, fuzzy cat cakes—no need to worry cat lovers, they have something for them, too—or even your pet’s FACE on a custom cake! They also make handmade pet treats such as lollypops, cookies, bones and pet friendly chocolate, and have a range of party hats—just in case a customized cake wasn’t enough for your spoilt pooch or cat!

To insure your pet’s safety, the bakers leave out certain human ingredients that could be harmful or unhealthy for your pet to consume. The cakes and treats have:
• NO Added Salt
• NO Added Sugar
• NO Butter
• NO Byproducts
• NO Artificial Additives
• NO Artificial Preservatives
You can also see a full list of the human grade ingredients they use on their website. If your pet has an allergy or intolerance, make sure you let them know when you put your order through, so the bakers can ensure they leave it out.

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