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Melbourne Transit Lounge

64 Lambeck Dr
Tullamarine VIC 3043
(03) 9339 4300

The Trusted Pet Travel People

Jetpets Animal Transport are Australia’s leading pet travel experts and worldwide service provider for transporting pets.

Jetpets take care of all your pet travel needs to and from any location within Australia or across the globe.

Your pet’s comfort and safety is their number one priority.

How Jetpets can help:

Their Pet Travel Consultants:

  • Find out all about your VIPs – very important pets!
  • Provide expert advice on preparing your pet for travel
  • Decide on the best sized travel crate
  • Book your pet on the most direct flight
  • Arrange a comfort stop along the way
  • Can arrange a door to door service
  • Prepare your special detailed itinerary

Want to know more? Contact Jetpets today.

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