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posted by The Daily Fluff October 6, 2016 0 comments
Hachi | Melbourne | Pet Clothing | Pet Accessories | Stylish Pet Clothing | The Daily Fluff

Shop 3, 286 Toorak Road

The best animal clothing and accessories!

Everyone, stop what you’re doing. We have just discovered one of the BEST animal clothing and accessory shops we’ve seen! Hachi is a boutique store selling Japanese fashion and accessories for dogs and cats, and is located in Melbourne. For those of you that don’t live close to South Yarra, they have an online store too—so quick, go see their website for yourself!

If there’s one thing obsessive pet owners can’t pass up, it’s getting “human items” for their pets. This may mean getting over excited when you see a dog sweater in a store in amongst the pet treats, or even a little rain coat. But boy, we’re sure you won’t run into the items at Hachi in your everyday store (or if you do, not all in the one place)! They sell coats, collars, bow ties, sleeping bags, tops, tutus, onesies, costumes, miniature houses, dog prams, hats, toys—and the list goes on! You can even take your dog into the store to try on an outfit. How cool is that! Perfect if you’re looking to get adorable outfits or accessories for you dog or cat—or whatever animal that can fit in it—for everyday use, for a pet birthday party (yes, they’re a thing) or for a photo shoot.

Head over to their website now and tell your bank account we’re sorry!

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