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Diggiddydoggydaycare | Doggy Day Care | The Daily Fluff | Melbourne Pet Blog

41 Brady Street,

South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Australia’s multi-award winning indoor dog daycare centre

Not only is the name super fun to say—and we’re not joking, repeating it is really, really fun—the entire concept surrounding this business is exactly what modern day dog owners crave; human services for non-human loved ones. The concept of fur babies is ever growing, where some families either choose the fur-parent alternative or incorporate it into their existing (human based) family. Sometimes spoiling your pooches requires, well, more spoiling, and day care is exactly the way to do it. Day care can keep them happy when you’re not home by giving them cuddles, a tiny bit of discipline, socialisation and staff with an active attention span to ensure your dogs are keeping out of mischief.

Diggiddydoggydaycare’s indoor centre is located in South Melbourne and provides your dog with love, exercise, grooming, activities and loads of socialization. They also keep running logs of your dog’s behaviour with their special assessments, which they later share with you to keep you in the loop. Their grooming services can also be purchased in packages that reduce the rate of the daycare prices, and involve the dogs being “free range” in the spa, where the staff always ensure they help relax all dogs so it’s a fun experience not a dreaded one—they even incorporate massages! An added bonus; they also hire out special dog function rooms! The function rooms also allow humans to attend the type of parties that your fur-parents HAVE to come to. Struggle to find the time or the transport to drop off or pick up your pooch to the daycare? Don’t worry, they even offer a taxi service!

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