The Best Places to Meet True Pet Lovers around Melbourne

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There are a lot of dog parks and beaches all around Melbourne so sometimes it’s hard to decide where to go on your next adventure. Most dog owners love seeing their pups socialise with other pups, playing and exploring together, it’s what we all love to see. But what about you? Isn’t it time that you start socialising too? What if you could socialise while your pup does the same?

We narrowed down our favourite places for meeting other pet lovers around Melbourne. That way you can both get socialising with like minded people & pooches.

Clayton Reserve, Macauley Road, North Melbourne:

A terrific inner city fenced park so you can let your pooch run free! Popular among inner city canines as it is on the fringe of the CBD, it’s an excellent spot for your pooch to get some exercise while you both socialise with other visitors.

Princes Park, Balaclava Road, Caulfield South:

Princes Park is a popular destination for many pets. Consisting of a fenced football oval as well as unfenced off-leash soccer fields, there’s plenty of ground for you and your pooch to cover. Water taps, bowls, benches, lots of trees and parking also available, it really has it all! Just don’t forget to bring waste bags with you to pick up after your pup. What we really love about Princes Park is that it has its own Facebook community: Princes Park Dog Owners. Meet like-minded pet owners and tee-up some socialising dates, perfect for locals. The Facebook group welcomes you to post a photo introducing you and your pet to the group! With over 500 members – what an awesome group to be a part of!

Sandown Street Beach, Brighton:

A purposely fully-fenced length of beach perfect for your pooch to enjoy the sand and the water, no leash required. Often busy particularly in the afternoons throughout summer, it’s a fantastic spot not far out of the CBD where you and your pooch are bound to make new friends. Enjoy a stroll along the marina with a stunning view of the city skyline in the distance. A purr-fect photo spot. Tip: We hear peak hour is 5:30pm weekdays and sunny Saturday mornings!

Citizens Park, Richmond:

A very busy park where apparently all the dog owners in Richmond (there are a lot of them) visit frequently. When the large fenced football oval isn’t occupied by footballers it is taken over by a mass of dogs, pups and their owners. What more could you want?!

McDonald Reserve, Beaumaris:

Our contributors Sherman and Diesel are big fans of this fun park and think it’s the perfect place to head to at the end of the busy week.

Sometimes our pawrents crave the company of other like-minded people. I know crazy to think just spending time with us 24/7 isn’t enough. When this happens to ours, we like to walk them to McDonald reserve in Beaumaris. Lots of people socialise their pups there and some Friday afternoons some even gather for a nice social drink!! We like to think this dog/human interaction is beneficial to all involved.

Must Love Dogs Meet Ups!

It’s not exactly a ‘place’ but it’s a group that we just had to share with you! With numerous organised meet-ups a month, this Must Love Dogs group is perfect for socialising with dogs. The best thing about this group is that you don’t even need to have a dog to join. You may be thinking about getting a dog or you’ve had dogs in the past and miss the company, either way, you are welcome to go to their events and get your dose of dogs you need! Some of their events also include pet owner information and training on how to teach and bond with your dog. Over a 1000 members and currently 13 scheduled meet-ups, the group is safe as it requires approval by an organiser before joining.

You do not need a dog to join. You might want to learn about dogs before getting a dog. You might no longer have dogs but would still enjoy their company. If you love dogs you are welcome to join us. -Must Love Dogs

Follow this link to join the group today! www.meetup.com/en-AU/Must-Love-Dogs/

We hope this has given you some ideas on where you might go on your next adventure! If you have a favourite spot where you’ve met some great pet lovers, please share with us in the comments below!

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