8 Winter Fashion Looks For Your Pooch

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In winter we like to keep cozy, but we also like to keep it stylish. We want our threads to be warm while also making a statement, and our pets are no different! Despite the fact that they always look stylish in their perpetual fur coats, some enjoy a few accessories here and there to spice things up during the bleaker months.

We chatted to Alyssa, creator of Instagram account @luluandfinn to find out what her gorgeous insta­famous Birman kitties enjoy when it comes to keeping things dapper:

“As Lulu and Finn are indoor cats I’d say their best winter fashions are simply their furry coats. Over the course of summer they’ll have a haircut or two, so winter is time to have a big, soft, fluffy coat. Our favourite fashions are usually bright blue or red as this accentuates or contrasts their eye colour nicely. I’d also say our favourite outfit for Lulu is her shark costume, but I don’t think she’d agree with the humans!”

A beanie, a bow­tie here and there in complementary colours to your cat or dog’s coat or eye. These are simple ways to dress them up. If your puppy or kitty gets particularly chilly during long park walks you could try a dapper lined jacket or vest in houndstooth or even tartan. Scarves and snoods can also work, but pick a bright colour so you can spot it if your pet pulls a McGyver and escapes his woolly enclosure!

For lazy Sundays when brunch is served a la maison but there’s still a slight chill to the kitchen tiles or a frost creeping up the window panes, try out a nice fleecy onesie. Maybe you and your cat could even twin up in matching onesies or pajamas!

For the days when it’s so grey outside it’s pouring rain, but Fido is still scratching at the door begging to be let out for a walk grab yourself a scarf and umbrella, and a little waterproof and warming raincoat for your puppy. This will keep him dry on top and super cosy ­ as well as prevent a million doggie water droplets raining down your hallway when you return from a wet jaunt in the park!

There are plenty of cat and dog sweaters available on the market today, whether your cat prefers argyle, plaid or something a bit more whimsical it’s easy to find the right print and style to suit all needs. You can even try a plain black hoody for the moggie entering its moody teenager phase.

If you and your cat or dog have been invited to a fancy ­dress party this winter don’t stress! We’ve got you covered there too. Whether the theme is horrifying or whimsical you can be sure to find Bat wings, ugly holiday sweaters and even ladybug costumes with a quick google search. Check out Nip and Bones for even more ideas for winter fashion for your pets!

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