7 Signs You Own A Cat

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If you’ve owned a cat, you’ll know that they definitely bring unique and hilarious personalities to a home that only fellow cat owners will understand. Although they come in all shapes and sizes, and can be quirky, different and sometimes very un-cat-like, there are just some things that seem to translate from cat to cat!

Cat owners unite for the 7 universal signs of cat ownership:

Sorry, my cat did it!
You find yourself making excuses for being late because of your cat and having to explain the strangest things to visitors.

“Friends know our mum’s a cat lady because she can’t keep the toilet paper on the toilet roll holder, due to our creative shredded paper arts and crafts all over the bathroom!” say the cheeky cats Lulu & Finn.

That’s not my hair!
You have more fur on your clothes than you have on your head, and sometimes you even find cat hair in your food—yuck! You have lint rollers around the house for special occasions, because all cat owners know that literally no piece of clothing seems to escape being covered in cat hair, even if you don’t touch them!

Do I have babies? Sorry, I thought you asked do I have fur-babies!

Your cat is part of your family. Our friends Mimi, Ollie and Bruno notice their Mumma “carries photos of us to show anyone who asks if she has children!”

If your cat doesn’t like someone, you seriously start considering whether your cat has some kind of sixth sense personality tester hidden away in their kitty brain, and whether you should trust it. You’re constantly wondering what your cat is thinking, and you love watching them grow from a kitten through to the teen stages (with a tear in your eye whilst saying, ‘kids grow up so fast these days!’)

Yes that is another photo of my cat!
Speaking of photos, you take way too many (or maybe not enough?!) as well as videos of your cat. How can you not when they’re always doing the funniest/cutest things?!

Self-proclaimed crazy cat lady/man over here!
You may have had the term thrown at you once or twice, but you wear it with pride. It’s more of a compliment anyway, right? You may have seen the lady on YouTube crying about how much she loves cats, and you’re just sitting there thinking, “same!”

You’ve perfected your meow, and have conversations with your cat (even though you don’t understand what either of you are saying)! You also get really excited when your cat meows back to you.

Mind your foot, there’s a toy there!
There are cat toys all over your house and some aren’t even toys! You find straws, pencils and toy mice in the strangest places, and when you do, your sneaky cats aren’t too far away! Mimi, Ollie and Bruno find it funny that “every cable mum owns has teeth marks in it!”

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