5 Ways Your Pet Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Feeling down in the dumps? Not getting enough sleep? Stressed out about that deadline? We all have bad days. It’s natural and a part of life. But sometimes it can be too much and all those negative feelings can come crushing down on you if not treated right. Different strategies work for different people, but there’s one that can always manage to brighten up your day: having a pet. Whether it be a cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig or even a turtle, pets are proven to have a positive impact on your mental health.

Read on for our top 5 reasons why pets can improve your mental health!

  1. Taking your dog for a walk:

Exercise is a very healthy and beneficial method of improving your mental health. It relieves stress, depression and anxiety, improves sleep, and increases energy. However, it’s hard to be motivated to exercise when it’s easier to do nothing. That’s where your pooch comes in. Having your dog look at you with those puppy eyes will surely help you get out of the house. Take your dog for a brisk walk around the block, through your local park, or if you’re having a good day, for a run. Make it fun by throwing or kicking a ball around at your nearby football oval.

  1. Taking care of them:

Having a pet requires you to give them constant care. They need to be fed, hydrated, cleaned up after and loved. While this may sound stressful, it can be highly beneficial. Taking care of your pet will get you into a routine that can increase your motivation and productivity. It’ll get you moving, and it’s actually pretty easy since you’re doing it all for someone you love so dearly. Plus, seeing their beaming eyes and hearing their happy meows and barks of gratitude makes it all worthwhile.

  1. Socialising together:

Sometimes when you’re having a particularly stressful day you just need to unload on your best friend. However, there are times where you just need a listening ear. Luckily for you, your pet can’t speak. While we all wish our pets can talk so we know what we’re thinking, having them just stare at you with loving eyes can be a real life saver in times of need. Socialising is a great way to healthily express your emotions without bottling them up. Not only can socialise with your pet, but you can socialise together. You two can join your local dog training club or dog show where you two can meet new people and make new friends!

  1. You have a best friend:

If you ever feel alone and that no one understands you, your pet is the perfect cure for that. Pets can easily help decrease loneliness. They bark, purr or squeak whenever they see your face. When you play with them, they roll around affectionately or do impressive tricks to catch the ball. They make you smile, which increases serotonin and dopamine levels that help calmness and happiness levels. They are the most adorable and loving friends you can have.

  1. Give them a pet:

This is pretty easy. How can you not pet them? They’re so soft and cute. But did you know petting can increase your mental health? Stroking their fur and giving them a cuddle is proven to relieve stress. It releases hormones that help stabilize stress and anxiety levels, and it lowers your blood pressure. Not only does it have benefits for you, but it also keeps your pet relaxed, healthy and happy. This guarantees that your pet will be able to brighten up your day!

Your pet is without a doubt the cutest medicine to have by your side. They will be there to help turn that frown upside down.

How has your pet made you smile? Comment and let us know!

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