4 Fun Indoor Games to Play With Your Cat

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Think cats only love to sleep all day? Think again! Contrary to popular belief, cats are just as active as dogs, and need daily exercise as much as they do. However, you simply cannot take your cat for a walk outside. Think of the chaos that would happen! That’s why we’ve come up with a list of fun games you can play with your cat right in your very own home!

  1. Fetch:

Despite what you may think, cats love to play fetch like dogs do! Get a small sized toy and wave it in your kitty’s face to get their attention. Throw it across the room in an easy-to-access space and watch as your puss chases after it. You’ll be surprised to know that your cat is likely to pick it up in their mouth and bring it back to you. If they don’t bring it back, that’s okay! Try reinforcing a fetching behaviour by rewarding them with treats or a nice pat. Otherwise, just pick the toy up and throw it again. You’ll be able to get some exercise too!

  1. Chasey:

This game can come with hilarious results. It involves a string, a feathered wand or even a stick from your backyard (make sure it’s safe). Grab your cat’s attention by dragging it across the floor in their view. Your kitten’s eyes will grow big as they notice the strange presence that has invaded their space. Slowly back away as the object is pulled from their view. As you move, your cat may wiggle their butts in anticipation. When they’re ready, your wild cat will pounce! Feel free to get creative by increasing and decreasing the speed of your dragging, or even waving the object in the air. Your cat will run, jump and leap as they try to catch its prey. They will not rest until their foe is defeated!

  1. Boxes of Fun:

For the D.I.Y master, why not build a box fort for your little adventurer to explore? Create a cubby house by grabbing some cardboard boxes and cutting out entrances, passageways and pits for your cat to scavenge through. Your curious kitten with love conquering and claiming themselves to be the king or queen of the castle! Try throwing in a ball or some food to liven up the quest. After all, every great explorer needs a fun challenge to keep the story interesting!

  1. Hide and Seek:

This classic game can be played in a number of ways so you and your cat will never be bored. If your cat is the seeker, hide in a spot and peak out so they’ll notice you. Watch as your little predator stalks you like you’re their prey. Be careful. Cats can be crafty and will sneak up to you before you know it. If you prefer to be the seeker, lay out some paper bags for your cat to hide in. Of course it’ll be easy to find them as they cannot keep still in their teeny tiny forts. Make sure the bags are handle free to avoid choking. Have some fun and poke the bags. Your cat will whip out their paws so their disturbance will be gone!

It will be impossible for you and your cat to be bored with this list of games. Every day will be a fun-filled feline frenzy!

What are some fun indoor games you play with your cat? Comment below and let us know!

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